Thursday, October 8, 2015

One of the best things about blogging..

//*ads *// I have been a "blogger" now for over a year. Oh my how time flies! And i often get people asking me what the best things about blogging are...
  • A place to write whatever it is you feel like writing
  • Somewhere to unwind
  • A source for others & a way of helping those who may wish it
  • Events
  • Freebies
  • Oppertunities
There are plenty of reasons why people may love blogging, but for me, one of the biggest and best things to come from blogging, is meeting some seriously amazing people. I wanted to do this blogpost to let some of you know how much i value you, as an online blogger, and as a real life friend. There are so many of you who i talk to on a regular basis, and i love every single one of you that takes the time to comment and tweet me, and who are just generally amazing. But i just wanted to mention a handful of girls who I would now consider true friends (Have you vommited yet?) ;)

No particular order (I love you all equal amounts)

From top left: Kelly, Gemma, Nicola, Laura & Jamie, Louise, Lydia & Jennifer
I'm sure you all know Kelly! Ive been speaking to her for probabaly around a year now, and she never fails to make me laugh or cheer me up. Recently, at an event, I had a horrible panic attack, and Kelly sat out on a wet pavement, in the rain with me, wiping my tears and distracting me as best she could. You know someone is a friend when they are prepared to do that! She's genuine, has extremely good morals and doesn't have a bad bone in her body, as well as being absolutely hilarious and extremely Northern ;) I just wish she lived closer so we could see eachother more.

Ohh, Gemsmaquillage! Another one who i've been Skyping and chatting on the phone with for over a year. Also absolutely hilarious and extremely caring. When having my panic attack, Gemma danced like Sontard and called my boyfriend, leaving him secretarial voicemails telling him to come a get me. ;) We share many funny memories and stories and Gemma also never fails to cheer me up or give me words of wisdom. She will always put others before herself and is just genuinly brilliant.

I like to refer to Nicola as "Tits" or "Bewbs" for very obvious reasons. Again, Nicola sat with me on a tiny little wet pavement for hours, her dress was soaked, her shoes were ruined but she stayed with me and held my hand when i was all panicked. Nicola is one of those people who you know will always be there for you. If you text her in the middle of the night, she'll text you back, regardless of whatever she may be up to ;) (i joke, she's never text me during naughties...i dont think) She's like my big sister & i go to her for advice, or just for general banter. Hilarious, Caring beyond belief and her boobs are ever so comfy if you ever need to rest your weary head!

Laura has been a little absent from the interwebz recently as she has just given birth (so i think we'll let her off), but i miss her an awful lot and could not be more pleased for her new little fam! Laura is also one of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. She too has been there for me through tough times and good times for well over a year now. She will make an amazing mummy as she is just so damn caring and selfless and has such a positive attitude to everything which rubs off on me, so thankyou Laura :)

Louise is a new addition to my friendlings, i say new but i feel like i've known her for years. She's listened to me rambling, moaning and worrying and really knows how to cheer me up. She is one of those people that makes you smile, regardless of whether you have had the shittest day in history. She also makes me laugh, a lorra lot. I feel like she should have her own tv programme, of which it would certainly brighten everyones day. She is one of the most genuinly lovely people i've ever met! I feel like she's my brother from another mother. (although not male)

I met Lydia last year at the Barry M event, and since then she has had a seriously tough time, but this does not mean for once second she would ever put herself or her problems before your own. She is SO caring and considerate & she too sat with me outside in the rain, getting wet when i was being all panicky and ill. She refused to leave me by myself and was the mother theresa of the evening. She doesnt have a bad bone in her whole body!

Jen has also had a pretty poop time recently but she has definetly been there for me regardless. Long texts and super long emails have been shared ;) Another with good morals and a kind heart & is always there when you need a chat!

Of course there are others of you whom i also consider to be my chums, but i felt like these guys deserved a thankyou as the majority of them sat with me in the rain, and missed most of the event because of me and my silly panic attack, and it really made me appreciate them a million times over. I also think they've taken the brunt of many of my down days and sadness, and i know that every one of them, would listen and care. So thankyou girlies, i am ever so grateful to have met you all!

Well, now that that sop-fest is over with, tell me about the people you have met through blogging?

//*ads *// ****

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