Sunday, November 29, 2015

Donning My Pinny.

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I'm not the biggest cook. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that. I like to keep everything pretty basic, that is unless I am following a recipe step by step. I do however, enjoy the occasional cooking programme. More recently I got hooked on "The Great British Bake Off". People baking cakes and various other treats. There is nothing more satisying and girly, than baking deserts or puddings. Being a creative person and not having much of an outlet for my creativity (besides putting makeup on my face), I will get really into anything that involves a tiny bit of artistry. I am also a perfectionist, so decorating the cake, as well as making it, results in an enormous amount of satisfaction, as well as eating it of course.
Recently, my friend had new boobies installed (this sounds nicer than "boob job"..or does it?) and so myself and another friend took it upon ourselves to make her a "get better soon/congrats on your new boobies" cake. (For those of you who are nosey/may be interested, she didn't have a boob job for materialistically larger boobs, she has waited 4 years on the NHS and had them done as a correction from an injury earlier in life - So I am chuffed to bits for her) We didn't want to opt for a standard victoria sponge with jam and icing, so instead, we decided to create a pair of eadible cake boobs, as you do.
I'm not going to list in detail all the stages of creating this bad boy, but I will outline the basic's. We followed a simple victoria sponge recipe, and cooked the mixture in two identical glass bowl's (make sure they are oven safe). I'd also like to point out that they take about twice the normal amount of time to cook, as there is a larger volume to cook inside. We ended up cooking our boobs (!) for about 40 minutes overall. I'd also like to stress how important it is to grease the bowls, luckily, our boobies slipped right out (!) but if you didn't, you could end up with lumpy, out of shape ones..and nobody enjoys those. The best part was icing them. We used butter icing, as you can get a nice smooth finish with that, it's also less messy than standard icing, and a bit more precise than if we were to use roll out icing as that would have been incredibly fiddly. We added a smidgen of pink colouring to make the skin colour and smoothed it over the cake. We then made some more icing, and added more colouring this time to create the bra. This was piped on, using a piping bag from poundland. Yes, that's right. ONE POUND. To finish, we added chocolate buttons to create the nipples..just to make it clear that they were in fact boobs, incase it wasn't already obvious....
It's fair to say the cake went down very well, and our friend was chuffed, as were we, that it had turned out so brilliantly. What a nice pair!
I also decided to make profiteroles. Being one of my favourite desert treats ever, and having made them before, and realising that in fact, they weren't at all difficult to make, they seemed the perfect pudding for our family/friend roast dinner gathering.
I followed this recipe by Nigella Lawson, and they turned out really well. The only differences I made were that I piped the pastry onto the baking tray rather than spooned and instead of making a chocolate "sauce" I just melted Cadburys chocolate over them before serving. They were delicious if I may say so. Don't be affraid to try making these, they really are SO easy. I'd also strongly urge you bakers out there to get a piping bag. I have two, and more expensive one, and a cheapy one from poundland (although don't expect to get too many uses out of this one). You can find plenty on eBay, along with the different shaped nozzles.

So there we go, a few of my baking creations of late. I think now that the weather has turned so grim, and darkness is creeping upon us earlier, there is more time for baking, so get your pinnys on, and let me know what you're making!

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