Friday, December 18, 2015

When PR is spot on.

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This isn't normally something i would write, but as you will see from this post, i felt the need to express my happiness :)

Some PR companies are LOVELY, and others? Well, i have had a handful of companies pushing themselves on me in a very formal way to review their products..& of course, if i don't feel comfortable in the way a company is dealing with it, i won't respond or review.

PR relastionships are important, i feel anyway.
Personally, i can really tell the difference between a company who just wants a mention, or someone who actually believes i will enjoy trying something which could be of interest to me.
The other day, i recieved an email from a guy called Robert who has a business called Zuneta which he runs along with his sister. The email wasn't asking me to check out his website, or to review anything. He simply said he was a fan of my blog, and that in celebration for their first year in business, he would like to share his christmas spirit along with a handful of other bloggers and send out a gift. He was extremely polite and informal & really very friendly. Something that makes a nice change from some other emails i recieve. I guess as he does his own PR, he doesn't need to be pushy, he's simply advertising his business...fair play to him.

This morning, my dad brought up a cute little package for me, along with a christmas card, which was signed by Robert & his sister.I think i found this so lovely, as it's the personal touches which make something that little bit more special.
The gift was wrapped up with a little bow inside lots of tissue paper and inside was an eyeshadow duo.
I've never heard of the brand "Hourglass", but MY GOD, these eyeshadows are amazing, the pigmentation is Nars standard (if not better) & im not just saying that.

It is seriously the cutest little duo ever & i will be buying more from their site. I know that people tend to steer clear of new brands, but personally i love to find something different.
Im sad i didn't discover this a little earlier as they would have made great presents.
I will do a proper review on the shadows once i have played around with them a bit more. & no, i dont feel inclined to do so because they are lovely people, they haven't asked for a review, but these shadows have highly impressed me, as well as their great appraoch to PR.

PR has had some bad coverage in the past few months or so, alot of people being fed up of seeing the same things being reviewed, and i can totally understand this.
but when you get a little family run web company like this, making effort just to introduce themselves and just getting everything right, is really very refreshing.

A great start to my day which i thought i would share with you all & please remember, if a PR company want to be involved with you & your blog or youtube, make sure you feel happy with them. You don't have to accept anything from anyone.

Have a spiffing Friday everyone :)

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