Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hair of the Day - Cheryl Cole Inspired

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Who's hair do i envy?
Cheryl Cole's, whether it's all her own or not..i think it looks amazing.
I know i will never have hair that will be as high a standard as hers..but i'll give it a damn good shot...plus..mine is all real baby. ;)

To achieve this voluminous style, i simply backcombed and hairsprayed the roots on the crown and sides of my head then gently combed over the craziness (to take it down a notch)
and using straightners (a flat iron) i turned in any layers towards my face to give it a much softer look.
I really despise mega straight, flat long hair, there has to be some oomph in it, or i will approach you in the street and ruffle it up...consider yourself pre-warned.

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