Monday, April 27, 2015

More Bootsale Bargains and Outfit of the Day

Good evening lovelies.

On Sunday, i was up bright and early with my mummy and we drove off to the bootsale. As some of you will be aware...Bootsales are mostly just aload of crap. But you can pick up some absolute bargains aswell, hence why i brave an early morning on the weekend.
Burts Bee's Radiance Day & Eye Cream

£1.50 for the two
This stuff is practically brand new, and i LOVE Burts Bee's and so I'm excited to try these out. I wore the cream last night and it really hydrated my skin. I also used it this morning and my skin actually did look radiant and my makeup lasted well. Thumbs up for this, SO worth the whole £1.50! They also retails for £18.95 that's a damn good bargain.

Chanel Blush in Reflex

This blush is super pretty and really pigmented, theres no brush..but who uses those anyway?

Lancome Eyeshadow Duo in Night & Day

This looks as though it was swiped a few times then left. It still had the plastic cover in it! The colours are gorgey, and i don't usually go for green but this is a really neutral subtle shade and i can't wait to use them. Complete bargain.

Lancome Juicy Tube


I haven't ever tried a lancome juicy tube, and when there was one for 50p i thought, hey why not give one a go. And just in case you thought i was a dirty skank..yes i do sanitise lip products, but i would never buy one that looked mega used and mank...because it most probably will be mank :)

2 x Mac Palettes

5Op Each

The Palettes were realised in 2006 in the "Formal Black Collection". I've seen these before and thought they were really cute. They came in your standard, cool, warm, smokey, metallic..etc format. The two i managed to find are Warm and Smokey. My usual favourites (always the i'm boring...) It seems that the girl selling them went gaga over highlight colours but hated everything else? Because most are untouched..and i can't belive they even both have the little brushes.

Warm Eyes

  • White Tie (Pretty much not there)
  • Valet
  • Woodwinked
  • Limo
  • Sable Wrap
  • Embark

Limo is absoloutley amazing..and i'm pretty sure this isn't a permanent colour?

Smokey Eyes

  • Malt
  • Vex (Again..she went a little crazy with the highlight don't you think?)
  • Satin Taupe
  • Club
  • Gentle Fume
  • Black Tied

All in all, it was a very successful shopping trip, i think i might stop spending in the shops and just give myself a £5 budget at a bootsale, it's just as satisfying if not more in my opinion, especially with the amount you can buy. I also picked up Victoria Beckhams hardback book "that extra half an inch" for 50p. I remembered that it was one of Sabrina's favourite books and for 50p, it would have been silly to have left it, and i'm glad i didn't because it SO good. I love a bit of Posh spice, she's so pretty.

Right, moving on to my Outfit of today, I picked up the blazer in the New Look sale for £3. Seriously, such a bargain..and i love it. The dress/top is also New Look but sadly not in the sale and was around £14-£16. Necklace is Urban Outfitters £18.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Latest Mac Additions...

A seriously long overdue post on some of the mac items I've recently acquired.
First up is the "Liberty of London" collection..which actually, i wasn't excited about at all, but as i was passing a Mac shop on the day of the release i popped in just to have a little nosey & totally fell in love with most of the collection.
In the end i decided to go for things i wouldn't normally buy (besides the Peachstock lippy which is obviously in my nude comfort zone)
I also want to add that this is by far my favourite packaging, i know it wasn't every one's cup of tea but i absolutely love it, weird pigeons & cute little flowers? Yes please.

Peachstock Lipstick

Have wanted this for a while, and when I saw it all pretty with pigeons I whisked it right up. It's a very dark, peachy (funnily enough) colour which looks gorgeous with a coral lip gloss or even something a bit more milky on top. Wouldn't recommend it to those of you with a super pale complexion however..or if you do have a pale complexion, and you can pull this off, just ignore me. Personally i think it looks better on someone with a bit of a summer glow.

Summer Rose Beauty Powder

As you can see i didn't follow the majority of others in picking up the Shell colour, instead i went for the Pinkier one. I preferred the colour payoff of this one, and it gives a very pretty light pink/purpley glow. I don't actually own any other beauty powders so i wasn't sure what to expect but i love it. I also totally didn't just buy this because of the amazing packaging..ehem.

Lipglasses in Perennial High Style & English Accents (L-R)

These really aren't colours i would normally look at. They are slightly "out of my comfort zone" shall we say? but i have been wearing both of these lots. I especially love Perennial High Style over my Creme D'Nude lipstick. Sometimes we need to think outside the box, be a bit adventurous? I have definitely been reaching for this over my pale pinks and nude glosses, they inject a bit more colour and excitement, over both a coloured lipstick or just a nude.

Next are a few items i picked up at my nearest CCO, (one that i had never been to before & is actually, in my opinion the best) Swindon.

Eyeshadows in Nano Gold, Knight Divine & Graphology

Msf in Cheeky Bronze (perfect for summer) & Blush in Sun & Moon (This wasn't a purchase from the CCO but i've popped it in here anyway) which is also perfect for the summer.

Eyelash Extensions

My Mum is the only person i know who has literally tried EVERY SINGLE mascara ever. She has short stubby eyelashes and she hates it. She doesn't have the patience for fake lashes everyday, and has never found anything that promises a "false lash" effect to deliver such results.
So, after years of wasted money on mascara's that do nothing for her lashes she decided to get Lash extensions.

This is my lovely Muv...
And these are her lashes...

[Short, Stubby and Sparce..sorry mummy, I know the picture's not great, but i cropped it from the photo above]

And After...

Personally, I think they look UH-MAY-ZING. She has no mascara on her bottom lashes so you might say it looks slightly top heavy, but i think with a tiny bit of liner and mascara on the bottom they will look awesome.

I like that they look natural, unlike some false lashes. They last from between 5-6 weeks, and you can get them "re-balanced" like you would with false nails.

She is super happy with them and can't stop fluttering them in the mirror. (Bless)

Has anybody else tried these? Or is anybody curious to try them? I'm sure my mummy would tell you that they are worth it, especially if you're like her and got landed with cruddy eyelashes and have splashed out on so many mascaras it makes you sick.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Illamasqua Body Electrics Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

I'm probabaly a bit late posting this but like a few others in the beauty community, I came home to find a mysterious box addressed to me. I unwrapped it, and to my absolute joy, it was a few items from the most recent Illamasqua Collection "Body Electrics", sent kindly from Alex.

I wasn't as excited about this collection when I had first heard what was going to be released in it, but after seeing and playing with it first hand there are some absolute gems in there.

The first thing i want to mention is the promo images Illamasqua use. They are by FAR the best promo images for a makeup brand i have ever seen. Clearly so much thought and imagination go into the shoot and all the editing, not to mention the amazing makeup. When you see the images, there is no way you can pass up looking through the products.

Nail Polish in Jo'Mina

The best way to describe this colour is lavender. In all honesty, i have never seen a colour like this. There are alot of dark purples & pale lilacs floating about, but this colour is very unique.
The application is easy and the colour is very opaque. I had great colour pay off with just one coat. The consistency is also perfect, not gloopy and not watery. I am definitely going to explore more of Illamasqua nail polish range.

rrp: £13

Bronzer in Burnish

I have been using this bronzer ever since i recieved it. It reminds me of a slightly more glittery version of Laguna by Nars, except i find this leaves me looking a lot less muddy and it blends easier on the cheek. I also love the little Illamasqua symbol on it. There is clearly gold particles in the bronzer, but it really doesnt come across as glittery on the face & does give a gorgeous bronzed glow as well as being super pigmented (so go light on the brush ladies)

rrp: £20

4-Colour Liquid Metal Pallette

This was the one product in the collection i was the most excited about. The signature liquid metals (which are amazing if you haven't already discovered this for yourself). You can buy all 4 (some previously released in older collections) in one nifty pallette (Clockwise from Top Left: Enrapture, Surge, Solstice & Phenomena) If you don't already own any of these but have been interested in trying them out, i definitely reccommend this pallette to add to your collection. There is honestly nothing else to compare these too in the makeup industry.
The one thing I did notice, was that the pigmentation wasn't AS good as my single one which i already own (Solstice), I don't know if this applies to all pallettes or just mine. Don't get me wrong, it's still damn good, just not as shockingly pigmented.
The liquid metals look fab for the corners of the eye, as an eyeliner or even used as a base for other shadows..and they can be used anywhere else on the face or even the body (just not the lips)

rrp: £29.50

If you haven't already, please go check out Illamasqua's website for more amazing promo images & equally fabulous products. I genuinly feel that the brand carries very unique and exciting things no other brand can offer & you get a lot for what you pay for.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Topshop Makeup | Nail Polish

Left to Right:
Crystal Clouds, Green Room, Sketch, Louder*, Dead Ringer*, Awol*, Parma Violet
Hidden Treasure & Gypsy Night
Polishes from the "Sandstorm" Collection last year.
L-R: Cylone & The last two were a duo called "Wilderness"*
New Glitter polishes! 
L-R: Ice Crush*, Adrenalin*, Razzmatazz*
Adrenalin, Ice Crush, Razzmatazz, Sketch, Wilderness Duo, Parma Violet, Crystal Clouds, Cyclone, Awol, Green Room, Louder, Dead Ringer, Wilderness Duo, Hidden Treasure, Gypsy Night

Following on from my post about the Topshop Lipsticks, I thought i'd write about the nail polishes. I own a fair few, as you can see. I am a huge fan of these little beauties. I do remember when they first came on the scene, I wasn't massively impressed with the size or shape of the bottle, I just didn't think they looked very pretty and were quite small, but now I absolutely love them. They could be deemed slightly smaller than the average nail polish, but actually, I think they are just right. I own so many larger nail polishes (like O.P.I & China Glaze) and I never come anywhere close to using the whole bottle up before it goes thick & gloopy. 

The quality is really good, I have yet to use any shade which hasn't delivered a nice opacity, or painted on appallingly. I also think there is a fantastic range of colours. Whenever I see the makeup stand in Topshop, and all the pretty colours lined up so beautifully, I always feel as though I need to own more of them, so I can stand them in my bedroom looking equally as pretty. 

The standard range of basic colours are priced at £5 (your reds, blues, pinks, pastels & brights) & the more exciting/special polishes (The multi-tonal, glitter & crackle) are priced at £6. There are a few on the website at the moment which are part of the "Sisters of the New Moon" collection and they are priced at £6.50. I think the pricing is very fair. I'm quite happy to pay this nice mid-way price for a decent nail polish, compared with higher, more well-known brands at a much higher cost. I don't particularly look for a nail polish with the highest of quality, I'm definitely more of a "if I like the colour, i'm buying it regardless of the price" person. So if it's a gorgeous colour, i'll buy it if it's 50p or £10. I do know that some of you will be reading this who DO look for decent quality in a nail polish, possibly if your job involves you looking immaculate, and chipped nails are a nono? I can honestly say, I've NEVER come across a nail polish that doesn't chip on real nails. I'm an acrylics girl, so my nails aren't real most of the time, therefore polish is usually on there until I decide to change it. However, anytime I haven't had acrylics, and I've worn the Topshop nail polishes on my real nails, they've lasted just like any other polish. I'd say 5-6 days totally chip free (with a top coat). Even the more expensive polishes chip on me in this same amount of time (I don't think my natural nails take well to polish haha)

My current favourites are Green Room, Ice Crush, Hidden Treasure, and the metallic silver one from the Wilderness duo (annoyingly, they don't have separate names that I can see, and they aren't on the website anymore, but they do have a metallic silver which could very well be exactly the same)

Have you tried the Topshop nail polishes? Can you think of any colours that I'd love and don't already own? (not that I need anymore clearly)

Monday, April 20, 2015

My Life in 8 Photos.

I had the idea to come up with a tag that helps us all get to know eachother a little better through the amazingness of photographs.

I don't know about you but i'm one of those people who has a photo for every memory and every event, and i'm sure i have a fair few photographs to sum up who i am as a person.

So, it's simple...Post 8 photos you feel are relevant in portraying who you are as a person or just photos from a memory or an event...anything! You can even be completely random and click anywhere in your photos and upload the ones u happen to click. It will be really interesting to see what photos people post & will also be lots of fun.

Join in with the tag everyone. :)

New Lipstick Love | Sisley Hydrating Lipstick

Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick* L31 Rose Fushia £31

As most of you will be aware, I am the biggest lipstick junkie. Always on the scout for a new and exciting member to add to my ever growing collection. Sisley isn't a brand i'd ever think to look for lipsticks, but after being introduced to this one, I feel that I NEED all of them in the collection. This definitely isn't a lipstick for those of you on a tight budget. Priced at £31 a pop, they are the cream of the crop & a complete luxury makeup splurge item, which i'm aware not all of you can justify. However, if like me, you tend to make naughty little purchases on that one makeup item that makes you feel a bit special, then this may be for you. There is not one thing I disslike about this lipstick (besides the slightly higher price tag, resulting in me not being able to buy the whole lot all at once). They glide on so effortlessly, with a beautiful super pigmented shine. They don't feel drying on the lips at all, in fact they feel almost like a balm, you could easily forget you are wearing this. With moisturising lipsticks, you don't expect them to stay on for very long, as they slide right off, but this one does not do that, and for £31, you wouldn't expect it to. One of my favourite things about the lipstick, is the overall look of it. Shallow yes, but looks how beautiful it is! The packaging is amazing, and the shape of the lipstick is not only fabulous, but makes application easy too.

If you can afford to buy these lipsticks, possibly as a little treat, I would totally recommend them. I'm already looking at purchasing different shades when a rainy day comes along. This is BY FAR, the most amazing lipstick in my collection. It makes all the others seem like paupers! It's everything a lipstick should be, I just wish they were a little more purse friendly.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


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GlossyBox | Limited Edition Harrods Box

So, I do feel i've arrived to this party a little late and i'm aware that this may be old news to some of you, but I couldn't NOT post about this special edition GlossyBox* which arrived on my doorstep towards the middle of March. It really is too amazing not to give my two cents on.

So most of you will know that one of my favourite things about GlossyBox as a beauty box sampling service, is that they produce limited edition/themed boxes, unlike any other brands i've come across. It brings a little more excitement to receiving a beauty box, knowing it's a special one. This one was an extra special "Harrods Edition', which contained designer samples. I have to admit, that this was my favourite box so far, not because it was 'Harrods" per say, but because it contained the CUTEST little mini products, which excited me more than a normal person should be at the sight of miniature products. Not only this, but I was chuffed with everything I received.

Fendi "Fan de Fendi" Eau de Toilette - This was one of the miniatures that was just too adorable to even use. I just want to sit it on my dressing table looking all cute and small. Although it is a huge bonus that it smells delicious as well.

Burberry Lipstick No.4 Rosewood - Another adorable little miniature product, but still with EVERYTHING that the full size owns, even down to the embossed lipstick & packaging. I'd never tried Burberry lipstick, in fact i'd never tried any Burberry makeup, but I was super impressed with this. Being a complete lipstick fiend, I can totally see myself splurging on a full size.

Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum - Got that? Quite the mouthful wasn't it. I have recently discovered the magic that is the brand Ojon. Expensive, yes, but so amazing & totally worth every penny. This serum will also not disappoint. It was my favourite item from the box, a complete gem, and something i've been using over and over. It has totally transformed the ends of my hair, and I really do think this works wonders. Split ends be gone!

Erno Laszlo "The Hollywood Collection" 5 piece cream gift set - The first thing I noticed when I looked at this online was the extortionate price tag. £175 for 75ml. Yikes. Although I was quite excited to try out a few of the creams from this set, to see if they really were worth the price tag. The set contains a "velvet" night cream, instant eye repair (excited to use this), refresh moisture infusion, intensive porcelain veil & morning beauty rescue (worn as a makeup primer, also sounds intriguing). Expensive creams scare me, not because they are expensive, but in case I fall in love with them and have to repurchase! eeek.

Clarins Extra Firming Body Lotion - After Louise received some Clarins samples in her January GlossyBox and raved about them, I was quite excited to try this, and I was right to be. It's so lovely, and feels so luxurious on the skin. Clarins isn't really a brand i'd ever think to go to for a body lotion, or anything really. After trying this, I don't think I will walk past the Clarins counter so blindly :)

I think this is the very essence of what beauty box subscriptions should be. Exciting, different & full of cute little miniatures from brands i'd not normally try out & the fact that this was a limited edition designer box, made it that little bit more special.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tag: Questions and Answers

I was tagged by the gorgeous Courtney to do this Q&A blogpost

Rules:1. Respond and rework: answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own invention, add one more question of your own.

2. Tag eight other un-tagged people

What is your current fashion obsession? - Long Baggy tops/dresses
What is your current makeup obsession? - MFS'S eeek
What are you wearing today? - A long baggy top/dress (har) black tights, black pumps, white top and long sleeveless cardi.
Hair? - Straight but volumous.
Do you nap a lot? - Umm no not really...but as soon as my head hits the pillow im gone.
Why is today special? - It's not...Jack is leaving tonight :(
What would you like to learn to do? Speak Italian and play the piano
What's for dinner today? - Ooo, i dont know
What are you listening to right now? - Eminem's new song on the radio..i hate it
What is your favorite weather? - HOT PLEASE!
What's the last thing you bought? - 3 books at a bootsale for 20p each :)
What are your essentials when traveling? - Clean panties, Make up wipes, Makeup, hair brush, hair grips, toothpaste...oh my list goes on and on...
What's your style?- I really don't know. I wear a combination of so many different styles. I like to mix and match :)
What is your most challenging goal right now? - Decide where i want my life to's a toughy i'll tell you that. Any ideas guys?
What do you think about the person who tagged you? - She's a stunner with a heart of gold. Her comments always make me smile. There should be more people like her in the world :)
If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be? Somewhere awesome, that's hot and friendly with good food and nice people
Favorite vacation spot? - Maldives

Name the things you cannot live without? - My family & My boyfriend :)

How was your childhood? Awesome..i'm sad it's gone. :(

What would you like to have in your hands right now? A winning lottery ticket please?

What would you like to get rid of? job?

What are you most excited for? Nothing right now as the bf is leaving :(

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? The maldives

Which countries have you visited? Portugal, Maldives (can you tell i liked it there? lol), thats all i can think of right now.

Hope that enthralled you guys...sorry i haven't blogged recently. Have lots of goodies to show you though as i have been spending outrageously *gulps* and am ontemplating doing a youtube vid *further gulps* what do you think?

I tag these ladies:

Hope you're having a good weekend. Hopefully will blog some more later!

p.s. I'm trying to press enter under some the questions as theyre all bunched up at the top...but when i go to save it and publish goes back to normal? eek, am i doing something wrong or is blogger just annoying?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

My 22nd Birthday Shenanigans

* Chilling on the beach * A shot of me on the beach * The Harbour x 2 * Pretty pastel houses * Bunting street shot * Prettiest bouquet of flowers i've ever had from my mummy * Cerne Abbas naughty man * Me & the naughty man * Looking intently at the sign (I was hoping to discover why they thought they'd put a penis on the naughty man, no such luck i'm affraid) * My chocolate sweety cake*

It literally only feels like yesterday that I turned 21, and here I am, one year later, still blogging & enjoying life. Although I am slightly bitter, as I was hoping to stay 21 forever.

This year, I wanted to be beside the seaside, and thankfully, the weather was on my side this year & my birthday fell right in the week of sun & summer weather. To be honest, that made my day perfect regardless of what I did. The sun is an instant mood booster for me. The original plan was to head over to Brighton for the night, but after we'd spent the morning chilling & opening cards etc, we realised that by the time we'd done the 3+ hours car journey, we wouldn't get much of the day to fit everything in, and I want to go to Brighton when we have a few days to make sure we don't miss anything. So, instead, we headed off in the opposite direction for only 2 hours, to Weymouth. Weymouth is a little seaside town, and has a really pretty scenic drive (It's all about the road trip too - cheesy music and Haribo). I basically just wanted sand, sea, sun...and an arcade (who doesn't love the penny slots) . We had a lovely evening just chilling on the beach, wasting money in the arcade & buying rubbish food to take back to our little hotel room (which looked out onto the beach). The next day, whilst heading home after another day of ice creams on the beach and arcade fun, we drove a pretty little countryside route through old villages with pretty houses. We then found ourselves in Cerne Abbas, the home of the rudey man on the hill. So we pulled over and did a little photo shoot (I would love to be able to show you the extent of our silly photoshoot, but it is just too daft...haha). It was the perfect little birthday getaway.