Monday, November 23, 2015


//*ads *//
Haha, i hate those abbreviations..they look ugly.

Happy Monday dolls.
Hope you all had a good day?

Thought i'd show you what i looked like today, even though, i got rained on big time on my way to work, and my hair went all curly and frizzy, but do you know what? I went with it, and i improvised.
That's all you can do in these situations i think you'd agree?
I would have used my normal camera but it ran out of battery as soon as i turned it on..what a fail.

Frizzed and wavy from the rain, so i pinned it up with a teeny bit of volume on the top.
I don't think it looks too bad, lets face it, it could have been worse, especially if i didnt have my fringe pinned back. As my hair is naturally curly...

FaceOn my face i kept it pretty simple, dewy and natural & on the eyelids i wore woodwinked & embark in the crease.
The last picture is just a stupid one, because i felt like a posey idiot, so i thought i'd throw in a mega ugly, goofy one. :)

OutfitI mentioned on twitter that i had purchased some high waisted leggings..
well these are those. :)
They were £19 from Zara and i LOVE them.
They had black buttons on them around the waist and fit perfectly. (it's very rare i find something that fits my long skinny pins & tiny waist..let alone all at once)
I teamed them with a plain white vest top, grey cardigan and cropped black blazer & some grey plimsolls.
Eh Voilaaa.

//*ads *// ****

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