Sunday, November 8, 2015

This Makes Me Maaad!

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So, i notice on facebook that a friend of mine has bought a 19 piece mac brush set for £36.
Alarm bells instantly started ringing in my head.
My first thought was she'd fallen victim to the fakes all over ebay...
but no, it was a website.

I'm not saying this is the only one, but i am shocked that they can run such a thing. On ebay, you can be banned for selling fakes, so how is this company getting away with scamming unknowing girls like my friend everyday?

I inspected the website for her after she gave me the link, and straight away, i knew everything they were selling was fake.
But there is nowhere on the homepage to suggest that these items aren't the real thing.

[Click to enlarge images]Seriously..look at this "mac lip palette"...
This is bloody ridiculous.

Its not only Mac items they are fobbing off, but Tiffany & Co, Christian Louboutin, Bobbi Brown, Benefit..

On closer inspection however, i came across this...

"BeingSale is dedicated to providing the best and newest designer products at a fraction of the cost. We start by purchasing original designer products, and shipping them to our factories in China . We then inspect every nook and cranny and purchase the same materials to ensure that the products we manufacture are virtually indistinguishable from the designer originals in every way.

We have our own factory and experienced quality control team which makes sure of every detail on the quality of the products.We can serve you with safe and fast transportation services, especially exporting from China to USA & Europe, including door to door and drop-shipping service. From organizing orders to sending goods to final destinations we can ensure that you are satisfied with our services.Our main buyers are from USA, Europe, Australia and Canada, and we can say frankly & surely they are very satisfied with our products due to the quality and promptness of our service.Now we have many worldwide customers who prefer to have mutual contracts with us and place regular orders with us. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on our products, service and replacement guarantee as well. You can order some of our sample products to check if the quality meets your standards which we are sure will."

Im sorry..but QUALITY? Are you kidding me.

At least here, in small print under "About us" at the very bottom of the homepage, they have stated that in actual fact these are "virtually indistinguishable" from the real thing.

Do you know, they have perfected that mac lip palette down to a well infact, its almost 100% better than the real thing because IT DOESNT EVEN EXSIST!

I don't know if this winds you girls up as much as it does me, but my unknowing friend just spent £36 of her own money, of which she has no way of actually calling the company to try and get back. (Yeh, they have no telephone number..surprise surprise)

I have infact sent them an email, stating exactly what i thought of their hidious website.

&, if you feel about it as passionately as me, i'd urge you to do the same thing.

If they are going to sell blatent fakes, i think they should have it in bold letters on the homepage, not in the small print where they know nobody will see it.

Why are they describing the items as "Mac Lip Palette" - Why not "Fake mac lip palette" or screw the mac part all together seeing as it looks like something you'd pick up for your 4 year old to "mess around with" from a pound shop.

Please go and check out this website, see for yourself how awful these fakes are, and drop them an email if you like...

Click Here to go to their scuzzy website

And this is the email address...

Do you think this site is in the wrong? Even though they have "not so clearly" stated they arent the real thing, i still think its ridiculously misleading, and if that stuff was on ebay, it wouldnt be allowed be branding as the real company names at all.

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