Monday, October 26, 2015

Mac Makeover at LFW

 Me & Lily

So, I had these photo's stored away in my "Things I want to blog about" file, and although I feel a little late to the party blogging about LFW when that was "so yesterday", I still wanted to share these photos with you. I went along with Zoe (The London Lipgloss) and Lily (What I Heart Today) to get their makeup done by the mac artists at London Fashion Week. I had tried to book one myself, but all the slots had been fully booked on the first day (obviously). I enjoyed watching the girls get their makeup done, and took some snaps for them so they could blog about it etc. Once the lovely girl doing Lily's makeup had finished, she asked me if I'd like a little "touch up", being a typical polite and reserved english girl, I half said "Oh nooo, not to worry! You don't have time before your next slot", but Lily insisted (she knew deep down I was screaming out for a free makeover haha). I sat down in the chair and she worked her magic. She touched up my lipstick with mac's cherry lipliner and russian red lipstick and created a really cool cat eye with blacktrack fluidline. I totally wish I could do that to my own eyes, but I know i'd fail miserably. 

I also have some snaps of Lily and I doing some awful LFW posing. "How NOT to pose outside Somerset House"...? 

Do you ever experiment a little more with your eyeliner? I had never thought something like that could actually be quite wearable but I would totally wear this on a day to day basis! Would you?

Im back with a FOTD

Remember me?

Thought that seeing as i had my laptop in mums shop today i would take some photos of my ensemble.
Not that you can really see it but i had a sequin long, baggy top, cropped black blazer and jeggings.
My hair was tousled and plaited at the sides & my makeup was just simple.
Please excuse the fact i look like i've had 2 hours of sleep...i cant seem to look awake anymore...even after a good nights sleep.

P.s. Look at the phone i have to answer...yes, its a pink spotty stilleto..

Im going to start getting into the swing of blogging again. I've really missed it but i think i feel more inspired now. Thankyou for being patient..and yay, i gained followers.

Agony Aunt?

If you're anything like me, sometimes you just want to get stuff off your chest, to someone who won't judge you and will just listen & help in any way they can.
I have always loved helping other people with their problems, be it big or small. I was the one people would come to for a chat, for help or for a shoulder to cry on. My mums best friend is a doctor of psychology and she says that i should be in that field of work, as much as i'd love to, i'm definitely not clever enough. Writing essays was never my forte. However, I have the gift of listening & truely caring about how other people feel and doing the best i can to help in anyway i can. I've always been this way. My mum says i'm too empathetic for my own good.

So i guess the purpose of this post, is just to say that if any of you ever wanted to have a rant, have a moan, get some advice, anything..please feel free to email me. I have had people emailing me with problems before, and i've always wanted to help in some way. I'm no expert, i know that, but even if i just manage a smile out of you, or just listen, then that's something. Making other people happy, makes me happy. Obviously I'm not here to judge anyone, and i definitely won't. Anything you ever email me will be completely confidential & even if i don't know much about the subject in which you want to talk about, i will always try. I cant say i'm extremely wise when it comes to things like relationships, friendships, money, lifestyle etc etc but hey, im here if you wanna chat!

My email is in the sidebar to the left should you ever want to use it :)

Images courtesy of

EDIT: I receive an enourmous amount of emails, and since this post, have had an overwhelming response. I will try my hardest to get back to you when I can, if I can. Thanks Lovelies.

Scrabble anyone?

I love playing Scrabble, it's what i call a good "brain game". Although, gone are the days when you'd sit around with friends/family on a regular basis playing old school board's more "drinking games". This doesn't mean you can't wear scrabble though ;)
I've seen scrabble jewellery popping up recently, rings, bracelets, necklaces etc..and i definitely knew i had to have something of the scrabble variety, as i actually don't own any personalised jewellery.
When reading Victoria's blog VIPXO, i noticed that she had decided to start making and selling her very own personalised scrabble jewellery. BRILLIANT! I love it. It looks good worn alone and amongst other bracelets.

If you fancy your very own personalised scrabble jewellery, email her at
Bracelets range from £4.50-£8.50 depending on the length of your name/what you'd like on it.
Rings are £4 (she's still waiting on the bits to make the rings, so you will have to wait a wee while before you can grab one of those..I am definitely going to get one)
P&P is free :)

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Someday Summary - Sunday

That title is quite the mouthful. I dare you to try and say it 10 times over without slipping up...let me know if you did it ;)

The photoframe above is a picture of me and my dad when i was about 3. On a beach in Cornwall. I love it. I look so crazed.

I'm sorry these posts are quite frequent. I actually really enjoy writing them because they fullfill my desire to blog without me sitting here slaving away over a long, photo galore blog post. Although some days, i do love to do that for you, so I won't neglect them don't fret.

♥ Today has been pretty poop. I feel tired, frustrated & very unappreciated by people closest to me. I'm one of those people that tries to sprinkle everything rubbish with a bit of positivity, but today I am running low on the tinkerbell dust & quite frankly, I could do with a cuddle.
♥ I am loving that winter is creeping up. I am the biggest fan of hot chocolate, and finally, I can start cracking open the cadburys hot choccy, marshmallows and whipped cream. It also means cosy nights under blankets and in your comfiest jimjams & candles everywhere. It also means Christmas is not far away!
♥ Chocolate Teacakes - 89p from Lidl. Sunday life saver ;)
♥ Anybody watch Piers Morgans Life Stories with Cheryl Cole last night? I know a lot of people have a lot of love for Cheryl, me being one of them. After watching the programme i definitely just ended up loving her more. It's so easy for people to judge her and they seem to forget she's only human like the rest of us, dealing with normal shit but under a magnifying glass. I must admit, i shed a few tears. It was very touching & definitely had me wandering why the people you love can so easily hurt and betray you. It also left me wandering if Ashley Cole was sobbing into a box of Kleenex on his own feeling like the biggest idiot in the world.
♥ Currently reading Hot Tramp I Love You So & Strikers & Spikers

Friday, October 23, 2015

Show Orchid

Last night I went out with my girlies. In all honesty, I didn't leave much time to spruce myself up. I had no time to wash my hair so sat and thought what the heck i could do with it in it's current (not so fresh) state. I went for a somewhat Pixie Lott/Cheryl Cole do; Backcombing it and simply putting it up in a pony tail with a center parting. Very quick and very easy!

It was the Cheryl Cole hair inspiration which brought me onto the makeup. Cheryl is known for her bright pink lip, and as i own the Mac Lipstick Show Orchid (which I haven't shown some love for in a while) I decided to opt for that. Obviously having a bright lip means dulling down on the eye makeup, so i kept that fairly neutral.

♥ Mac Studio Fix Fluid & Mac Strobe Liquid mixed together (essential for a glow in the winter)
♥ Mac Moisture Cover concealer
♥ Benefit Erase Paste in no 1 under eyes/inner corners
♥ Bare Escentuals Foundation in Medium Beige lightly dusted to set
♥ Mac MSF in So Ceylon on cheeks/cheek bones
♥ Mac E/S in Nano Gold all over lid
♥ Mac E/S in Espresso in crease
♥ L'oreal Superliner in Carbon Gloss
♥ Maybelline False Lash Effect Mascara
♥ Mac Show Orchid Lipstick (pro product)

And here are a few poopy webcam shots so you can see my hair a bit better! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Someday Summary - Thursday

♥ I've started backcombing my hair again. I went through a stage recently where I haven't felt the urge to grab my little brush and backcomb the life out of my roots (plus, it's pretty bad for the hair so you shouldn't do it too often anyway, and if you do, use more hairspray than backcombing-ness) I think it could have been down to the fact someone stole my backcomb brush (or more likely that I lost it) so i have to use a small barrell brush which isn't as effective but it'll do :) Above are the three stages of me doing my hair. Freshly washed (although backcombing works best when hair is unwashed), backcombed and sprayed, then smoothed down, and finally curled with my straightener for added oomph.
♥ Spent the night in London seeing the boy, he slipped me a little envelope with some post it notes in it that he had written at work. I definitely looked a fool wiping happy tears from my face on the train home. They were adorable. I love little gestures like that, they're my favourite. Big smiles.
♥ I've done so much walking today. I pretty much ran 10 minutes to the shop near the boy's flat to buy food supplies, then ran back again (I was running late and was supposed to be meeting him on his lunch break) then i ran to the tube station...only to find the Jubilee line was shut right where i needed to after 3 line changes I finally managed to get to Bond Street, where i then ran to meet Wilf. We had a rushed 20 minutes then i had to run off to Paddington to get my train home, which again, was a longer way round as the blummin' jubilee line was shut. Ran to my train only to realise once i was sat down...I still had Wilf's flat key. So, once i'd arrived at my home destination, i ran across town to the Post Office (Thinking it would shut soon as i needed to send Wilf the key) and then i realised it shut an hour later. Bought me some dinner in Iceland & my Grandad offered to drive me home from town, so i then walked 15 minutes, up my Grandads. I've literally only just sat down. I have figured though, that's it's all good for the junk in my trunk (yes, i may be small, but my bum still wobbles haha)
♥ Loving black nailpolish at the moment.
♥ Currently reading Fade To Black & The Gloss Goss

Monday, October 19, 2015

Paypal FRAUD

I never thought i'd have to write a blogpost like this, and this is where blogging turns sour.
Someone has set up a paypal account under the name This is not me.
If you have been recieveing invoices from this email recently...please DO NOT respond, or pay. Simply report them.

Isn't is sad that somebody has gone to all the trouble of setting up a paypal account, attaching their bank details in order to try and get money from those of you who have genuinly bought something from me, to which the money is in fact owed to me.

If any of you have bought from me in the past, or recently and have had a paypal email from this account, please email me and let me know. Im currently trying to get hold of Paypal to get this person reported.

It honestly makes me sick.

Only ever pay ANY invoice from ZO-ZO-@HOTMAIL.CO.UK - This is my genuine paypal.

If you could spread this post by RT'ing in twitter, or just letting people know i would really appreciate it. Currently tearing my hair out. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Autumnal Hair & Makeup

As I was in Northampton visiting Louise, we both treated ourselves to a blow dry at a hairdressers, as having long hair can take up far too much time to wash, dry and style, when we could be having quality chummy time instead (plus, there's nothing better than pamper sessions with your best mate). 

I would normally just get my hair curled or styled down as I am very boring with my hair, but for a change, I asked for something a bit more "out there". I have eyed a few episodes of The X Factor USA and spotted Demi Lovato's love for plaits/braids and wanted to see if I could pull it off with my little pea head. I actually think this style is so cute, and great for a nice day/night out. You could say it's a little bridal but I think the messy bun deters from that a bit. I wish I could replicate this at home, but alas, I can only do standard and fishtail braids. French plaits have never been my "thing". I've tried on so many occasions to try and do them, but I fail miserably every time. I'm now considering studying "HOW TO" braid tutorials on YouTube. 

For Makeup, now it's Autumn and the nights are drawing in quicker and the leaves are turning brown and crispy, I thought it apt to change up my makeup up a bit (maybe I was feeling a bit daring this day). I treated myself to a new lipstick from the YSL counter, I picked up this dark berry colour in "Rouge Pur Couture 205". For my eyes I used a "By Terry Ombre BlackStar Colour-Fix Cream Eye Shadow in Brown Perfection*" which is a lovely Taupe, Shimmer Brown.  I then blended it out on it's own with my Mac 217 brush & Voila. My new love and eye staple was born. Now I just need the rest of the colours...(Mischievous giggle).

Are you changing up your makeup bag this autumn?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Someday Summary - Friday

♥ Found these photo's of me being a total poser with some geek glasses a while back. when i was waiting for the boy to come round. I quite liked my long fringe, it's sort of making me want it back, and i almost trimmed my fringe today too. Thnk i'll leave it.
♥ Had a proper sing song to Ellie Goulding's album today. Probabaly one of my favourites of 2010. I don't think i will ever get bored of it. Although i would like her to release another one to fullfill my Ellie Goulding needs. Thanks Ellie...if you're reading.
♥ Aside from singing along to Ellie Goulding i have been in such a rubbish mood. Totally uninspired, drained, unmotivated and generally just down in the dumps. Hate days when i feel like this, they drag.
♥ Went and bought ingredients to make a banana & milk and white chocolate cake. I think i'm addicted to it..when it comes out of the oven and it's still warm and the chocolate is all melted (i'm quite literally drooling right now)
♥ I have been having REALLY vivid dreams recently and a very disturbed sleeping pattern. In fact some of my dreams have involved some other beauty bloggers (ooer) haha. I hate vivid dreams, they really freak me out and i wake up wandering if it really happened or not. Although i did find these sleeping facts very interesting...
16 Things You Didn't Know About Sleep

♥ Currrently reading Victoria & Milkteef

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Eyeko Favourites

I was introduced to Eyeko a long time ago, when it was still stocked in Superdrug and since then i have been a fan of many of their products. It's affordable and the packaging is cute. I was invited to the Eyeko event a few weeks ago for a chance to see any new products they will be bringing out and to mingle with the other Eyeko fans. Unfortunately i didn't stay long as i was ill so i dont have much to report back but what i can tell you, is which eyeko products i love and would highly reccommend.

The first is the nail polish. Once stocked in teeny little jars with screw tops (these were cute) but now more conventionally packaged in small sleek bottles with white lids. I have a good sized collection of these, all of which i love and use. I like that they each have their individual, cute lables and there is quite literally a colour for everybody. These are available to buy online for £3.50 (total bargain)

Punk Polish, Tea Rose Polish, Nude Polish

Vampire Polish, Military Polish, Posh Polish

Coral Polish, Saucy Polish, Chi Chi Polish

Rain Polish, Pastel Polish, Lilac Polish
The next thing i absolutely love, is Eyeko's Graffiti Eyeliner. If you struggle to use liquid liner but still want the perfect glossy line, you need these in you life. You can draw lines in varied thickness and it's so simple. Even if you've never ventured into the world of liquid liner, i would definitely start out with these. If i'm in a rush this is one of the things i grab to draw a quick no fuss line..and also very easy to do the classic winged eyeliner. These are priced at £5 each and come in Black, Brown, Navy and Purple.

Last but by no means least, is this "Magic Mascara". I got this in my Eyeko goody bag and have used it everyday since. I absolutely love it. The first thing i love about it, is the packaging. The prettiest mascara i have ever had in my collection. I could just leave it out to look all pretty on my dressing table and still feel satisfied with it. It also feels expensive & has that nice weighty feeling (which i like). Aside from it's good looks, this mascara certainly doesn't fail in giving you "Magic" Lashes. It seperates beyond belief, really making my lashes look full and defined and naturally very fluttery. No clumping either! Even after 2 coats. The brush is what i like to call my perfect brush. Big, bushy and not made of plastic. I love love love it. Lashes look naturally gorgeous and have had many people asking me what mascara im wearing. This is £8 on the website.

If any of you fancy ordering from Eyeko, I am an ambassador so you can enter my code E11310 at the checkout and you will recieve a free gift with your purchases. I would strongly urge you to go and check out some of the products, especially those i have mentioned and they ship internationally :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bodyform Contest Winner

Sorry for the lack of blogging recently guys.
Most of you will understand if you follow me on twitter, that life hasn't been easy lately and blogging hasnt been a top priority of mine.
However, i shall be getting back into the swing of things soon.

On to the contest winner.
Obviously, i just want you all to win, because i love you all, and all your answers were SO similar it was very hard choosing.

So, without further-a-do..

The winner is...
*drum roll please*


Please email me your address :)

Her answer made me chuckle, and she got really creative with it which i loved.
I think we all need a survival pack like hers along with the other essentials.

Thanks so much for taking part guys. As i said, i would have loved for you all to win, but that would be expensive, lets face it.

Love you all.

Bobble Hat & Smokey Eyes

So, I thought i'd start this post with a little apology. I have been somewhat MIA, and although this may have been a slight annoyance for you lovely lot (or not, depending on how much you like to read my blog..haha) but it has been a positive time away for me. A battery re-charge shall we say! After my last post on "Just saying YES", I took my own advice and started doing lot's more things. Things i'd always been a bit scared to do, meeting up with old friends, making new ones and banishing my anxiety, as it had got quite bad. I also had somewhat of a mental block on the blogpost front. You know sometimes when you sit with a blank page/screen and you just don't know what to write? Yeh, that. FEAR NOT though, I have returned, with a much brighter outlook on life and feeling much more positive about certain aspects of my life. I was also extremely overwhelmed by the HUGE positive response I received from THIS blogpost. That is the whole reason I love blogging, being able to reach out to lot's of people and help in some way, even if it's just a teeny bit. 

So, whilst away from my laptop, I started to get into the habit of doing my makeup a bit more. Feeling a bit "meh" in general, meant I stopped doing creative things with my makeup or even making the effort to do it most days. However, I have started spending more time on it, and I found my beloved "Mekong" eyeshadow by NARS in the back of my makeup draw, and since then I have been having a full on love-affair with it. I have been applying it all over the lid and smoking it out with a blending brush, then applying my eyeliner for a more edgy, smokey look. I haven't been doing it every day, as it is quite full on, and doesn't pair too well with my beloved bold lip, but I feel like it makes my eyes stand out a little more. Mekong is a deep brown, with flecks of gold sparkle in it. Being a Nars eyeshadow, it's highly pigmented and will probably last me millions of years. I highly, highly recommend it! If any of you are also interested in which lipstick I am wearing, it's "Desert" by Topshop. 

Another thing I have been loving is bobble hats. This one in particular is from Topshop. Being small-headed (a pea head..ehem), I didn't ever think they would really suit me, or fit me properly, but I actually quite like them. I also like that they can hide bad hair days, or dress up an outfit AND keep your ears and head warm (it's main purpose). I can see myself wearing hats all of Autumn and Winter. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Someday Summary - Monday

I've seen a lot of people doing Monday Summary's (Or those of you who do a different day of the week summary) and i thought since I had a somewhat strange day and possibly have a bit more to say than normal, i would do one. I don't know if it will be a regular thing, but let me know if you think it should be. I will call it "Someday Summary" as it will never be one specific day :)

♥ I am wearing this Primark Bow, bought for £1 and i have had so many compliments on it. It cheered me up.
♥ My boyfriend made me smile a lot today
♥ I've been drinking too much Raspberry is by far the best drink ever.
♥ An Indian man randomly came into the shop today & started telling me about my life. He talked about my past relationship and my new one and what i had in store for the future. Then he just left. He was weirdly accurate. It freaked me out a bit, but even if this man was speaking gobbledygook, it put me in a somewhat positive mood.
♥ Currently reading LLYMLRS and Anchors Ahoy
♥ Burning candles now that it's getting more wintery & I'm loving it. I am a huge candle fan. My room is filled with them, so finally i can dust them off and BURN BABY BURN.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Guide to Shopping In Primark

I know that a lot of people refuse to enter Primark. Maybe it's just that you don't ever like anything they have for sale, you don't believe in the ethics or you dont have one near you, but i've come to realise the main reason, is people just don't have the patience. Shopping is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, i certainly do it to unwind, de stress, a bit of retail therapy and a lot of shops offer this. Primark however, is mostly always CHAOS. Clothes on the floor in piles, shoes scattered everywhere, people packed in like sardines and sweating like fat men. It's mostly always a very unenjoyable experience, you go in, you grab, you scuttle, you fight, you queue for 20 minutes then you run outside for a breath of fresh air.

This was until me & mum were up early one weekend, and decided to go to Primark, only to discover how to make shopping in there enjoyable. So here is my run down of the things which equate to you having a somewhat more pleasant experience in the shop.

1. Find a Primark near you which is of a relatively good size.
There is a Primark closer to me than the one i visit, but in the nicest of's absolute crud. So me and mum actually drive 30 minutes down the motorway to a flagship store in Bristol (4 storeys high). You arent going to have as much fun if you aren't spoilt for choice. We only visit once a month, as it's obviously not the most convienient to get to. I find that if you go to Primark too much, it becomes boring. You want to be able to go and see completely different stock to the time before.

2. Get there early!
Oh, trust me, i know it's hard to get out of bed at 7am on a weekend, but it is totally worth it, and you are home by midday so can have a little snooze. The Primark in Bristol opens at 8.30 on a Saturday. So we were in the car by 7.55 and on our way. The Motorway was empty, the carpark was empty (we always get the perfect spot) and there was just nobody around. The thing i like most about going early, is that everything is perfectly in it's place, and new stock is normally out. The hangers all have the correct sized clothing on it (a primark faux pas) and its even in order of smallest to largest front to back. There is no mess. You also know what getting there early means, most importantly, there is hardly anyone there. Not everybody is crazy enough to be up so early on their weekend. In fact this morning, i think it was only me, my mum and about 2 other women. Perfect.

3. Don't use your "Primark Head".
Now, the "Primark Head" is what i call grabbing things and throwing them in your basket because "EVERYTHING IS JUST SO CHEAP". Since you pretty much have open reign of the shop, chill the hell out. Think about things a bit more, Will you wear it? What will it go with? Do you really need it?

4. Try things on.
I never used to try things on in Primark. The queues were always too long, there were too many people, it was too hot and i just could not be bothered. When in a pretty much empty shop, there is not so much pressure to leave and no queues. I really do like to try on most of the items i have aquired in my basket, and normally, to my surprise, sometimes they don't fit right (the size 8's have increased slightly) or they might look pants, so i can put them back knowing i made the right decision trying it on before buying it. It's also a good oppertunity for you to envisage what you might pair it with. Obviously if you live near a Primark, you can skip this and just return everything if that suits you more.

The good - Hareem Print Trousers - £11, Black slinky jumpsuit - £15 (I absolutely love this), Jumper - £9

The Bad - Both dresses were too big for me. Purple - £15, Navy Blue - £13
5. Check the quality and the Sizing.
The quality in Primark really differs, there could be a lovely batch of dresses, but some could have wonky buttons and loose threads, and others might be okay. Make sure you have the best one available. The sizing is also a funny one, some fit bigger than they should, and others tighter. Again, another good reason for trying things on.

6. Leave Relaxed & Go For Breakfast
After you have found what you want, paid (in the non queues), and left. You will find that it is just starting to get busy. (We left around 10.30/11am) and you can either jump back in your car and go home. Or, go have yourself a delicious breakfast like we did.

Then go home for a snooze and put away all your new bits and pieces... :)