Monday, November 2, 2015

FOTD - Cherries in the Snow

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Today, i decided to brighten up the poopy wet day with some "Cherries in the Snow"
No. I was not eating the snow..
I had it on my lips, and i can safetly say, that through the duration of the day, i only had to reappply this once, and it wasn't because it was all gone. Only because it had faded slightly.
I ate, drank..talked...licked my lips, and no transfering.
I had heard about this delight from HellCandy at first, as she was on a mission to find it, and then the ever so gorgeous Laura started wearing it, and it looked gorgeous.
Revlon are onto something with these lipsticks.
I can't say it would be the same for something less pigmented but i'm sure as hell going back to look at more.
Dare i say it, this lipstick had impressed me far more than any mac lipstick ever has.
Will do a more in depth review for you if you so wish :)

Here's me, myself & I today...
I am a goon.
But, i'm also LOVING my hair atm. Im using a new shampoo and conditioner called "Fat Hair"
& i don't know if you'd agree but this is my hair with no hairspray, no mousse, nada..and it's looking alot more "fat" than normal.

Hope you had a lovely day

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