Saturday, September 5, 2015

A place to stay in London when you're homeless?

The Hotel we stayed at was called the Kensington Town House Hotel or The Hogarth Hotel (it's former name), we didn't want anything with immense amount of luxury or more than £60 a night (which for central London was increasingly hard to come by) All we really wanted was a double bed, a tv, internet access and an ensuite (shared bathroom was definitely an absolute NO NO - call me a snob...) and somewhere close to a tube for quick access. Thankfully, this hotel ticked every box. It was quite small, but I thought this made it quite cute. The Earls Court Tube station is literally a minutes walk from the Hotel which does mean you can hear the trains, but honestly, it's not enough to distract you from sleeping or thinking or breathing... FYI - Hotel was booked through Think it worked out cheaper that way.

The bedroom & Ensuite
In terms of what's around the hotel, there is pretty much every fast food chain you need. Maccy D's, Burger King, KFC, Cornish could be spoilt for choice in terms of quick cheap food. We had planned to go out for a sophisticated meal, but we were just too lazy and skint, so ordering a Nando's takeaway and going back to hotel was a much better idea :)

On the Friday, I was left to wander around London with a small amount of money and an oyster card. I went to Covent Garden as it's one of my favourite places. The shopping isn't overlly great, but i just like walking around there as it's cute and there's never crowds of people that slow your walking pase to that of a snail (unlike Oxford Street - which i then went on to)

Covent Garden
Overall it was a really nice few days, made better by the fact we didn't have to stay in a dingy hostel, sharing a bathroom with Bill & Ben...phewph. I would reccommend the Hotel for those of you who want to spend a bit more to have a few luxuries like the ensuite, and the tv...obviously if none of that bothers you, i'd save your money and go for the Hostel.

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