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Illamasqua: Theatre of The Nameless Collection & Event

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Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited by Illamasqua to see their new Collection "Theatre of The Nameless". The event itself was held in a swanky bar in central London (Dean Street for those of you who need all the minor detail). In true Illamasqua style, the room was decorated with luxurious fabrics and dark decor to fit their mysterious theme. They definitely know how to fit a scene.
I arrived with Louise (SprinkleofGlitter) after getting lost in China Town and Leciester Square and flagging down a taxi to drive us the whole 2 minutes up the road. You can tell we don't live in London. We were greeted into the event by Hayley at Illamasqua who gave us a run down of the new products. The theme behind the collection is based on 1920's Berlin and the underground subcultures, namely one woman in particular - Anita Berber, a 1920's "lady of the night", actress and dance performer. She, alongside a chap called Sebastian Droste (her lover) performed very shocking, and out of the ordinary shows which bent the rules of Theatre in the 1920's. They were the rebels of their time. The colletion reflects this dark mood, with sultry, smokey reds and dark contours, alongside very striking harsh lines.

One thing I really love about Illamasqua are the stories behind every collection. They really think about the things that inspire them and I can only imagine what their research boards look like. Every product has its purpose, story and theme and that really does make such a difference to the overall collection. You really feel as though you must own everything.
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Top Photo: Me & Louise (SprinkleofGlitter)
Me, Hayley (at Illamasqua) & Zara (MouldyFruit)

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There are a handful of makeup items in this collection which had me drooling, and others that I wouldn't feel overly confident to rock out (like the green lipgloss) but it's things like this that make Illamasqua so unique. There are people out there that crave something different and dramatic, and so these out of the ordinary colours and combinations are perfect. Some of my favourite items were the Loose Pigments & the Cream Pigments. I already own 2 of the loose pigments and they are by far the most intense, compact pigments I own. I highly reccommend them, escpecially with the sealing gel for extra secure eyeshadow or even for an eyeliner. The cream pigments got a lot of attention in the previous collection, and I had been eyeing them up since, so I was so happy to see they had been brought back in this collection. The colour "Androgen" is gorgeous!
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Cocktails and the Live versions of Anita & Sebastian
On leaving the event, we were given a little bag of goodies to take away & play with. I was exceptionally happy with the 3 items I was given & if asked, I would have totally chosen these myself. They obviously know me too well. ;)
The first is an intense lipgloss in "Bella Donna". A deep pink with a slight plummy undertone. This lipgloss is gorgeous! It makes your teeth look sparkling white, and is such a flattering colour. I'd wear this on a night out, but since I have been rocking a statement lip more than normal, I'd even wear it during the day. It's not overly sticky or drying and has such a great pigmentation.
Then we have the Cream Pigment in "Androgen". This is my favourite item of the three, and possibly whole collection. It's massively pigmented and makes for the most perfect blush. I love my coral blushers as I feel they really compliment my complexion so this is going to be a new staple to my makeup routine.
Last and by no means least, is the nail polish in "Faux Pas". These nailpolishes were designed to give the nail a waxy, "rubberised" look and texture. Somewhere between shiney and matte. I really love this idea, and actually the finish looks fab. Especially for the Autumn. There's 3 other colours in this range, a stoney brown shade, a deep cerise and a bottle green. I want to get my mitts on the stone brown.
Overall, I was thouroughly impressed by the collection and the products within it. The lovely people at Illamasqua never fail to make a product launch spectacular. With everything from the inspiration, to the product design to the amazing promo shoots. It's slightly on the higher end of the makeup brand scale, and the prices do reflect this, but with it comes quality. I have plenty of makeup items from Illamasqua that I treasure and use on a regular basis, and i'll continue to buy from them as long as they keep bringing out these amazing products.

To check out Illamasqua and the new product launch, as well as their previous collections and regular makeup stock, check out their website:

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