Saturday, September 12, 2015

Disaster Designs

Not too long ago, my mum was in Bournemouth staying with a friend and she came across a bag, of which she fell in love. Unfortunately, she saw the bag in a boutique shop window, and the shop was closed & she had to come home the same day. When she arrived home, we sat and tried to search for the bag, typing into Google the description of it. Soon enough we came across a few on Ebay, but none new or cheap. It was becoming increasingly apparent we wouldnt be able to find a site that stocked it. August 23rd was Mums birthday, and so i set about on a mission to track down the bag so she could have it as a surprise. Funnily enough, Amazon now stocked it.

The Company is called "Disaster Designs" and they have a handful of different ranges within it. This is the "Paper Planes" range (The cutest in my opinion). It is somewhat in the more pricey range, but nothing too extravagent, and totally worth it.
I just wanted to share with you how pretty some of the items were. Of course Mum got her bag, and also a cute Wash bag/Makeup bag too. (which im pretty sure i will be stealing). If you're looking for something utterly adorable (Passport Cover, Coin Purse, Weekend Bag, Compact Mirror...) I'd highly reccommend you give this comapny a little search on the interwebz (Or check stockists as it can be stocked in independent shops & Boutiques)

Paper Planes Washabag

Mummys Weekend Bag, Also Paper Planes

What do you think? Personally i think they are GORGEOUS and look so cute in her bedroom. I want so much stuff from this company.

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