Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Mac Palettes & Giveaway

I've been meaning to do this post ever since I slipped the final eyeshadow into my palette to make it complete. I've been buying Mac eyeshadows since I was 17 years old. Saved up for them, received them as gifts, had depotting nightmares and even gone through many an ebay fake (and getting rid of them...) before finally completing two palettes full of colours I absolutely love and use regularly. As you can see, I'm a neutrals girl. I don't go for crazy wild colours, and I stay very clear of brights and mainly blues, as they don't look great against my blue eyes (I look like a creepy china doll).

 Ahh, that satisfaction of having two full palettes

A few of my most used are:
 Blanc Type (great for a red lip neutral cat eye look)
Nylon (amazing for inner corner of the eye and for highlighting the brow bone
All That Glitters
Bronze (Great for blue eyes)
Amber Lights (Ditto)
Charcoal Brown (The best contour colour but also use this to fill in my brows)
Carbon (for super smokey effect)

I wanted to give one of you the chance to have your own 4 pan palette and 4 eyeshadows that I am sure you will all love, so I went out and bought a little something. It took me ages to decide which shades to pick. I went for Blanc Type which is a creamy matte shade, great for a neutral eye. I then picked Down Brown which is a matte brown. I figured this would look amazing in the crease or if you wanted a smokey brown look (would also be great for eyebrows). I then went for two of my favourite shimmer shades which go really well with the matte shades. All That Glitters is a gorgeous peachy beige shimmer & Woodwinked is probably my most worn shadow. It's a really warm shimmery brown with a golden hint. 

The Giveaway is International
It will be open for 14 days
You MUST follow me on Bloglovin to enter
You MUST be a follower of mine on Twitter 
For extra entries, you can tweet once per day (information below)


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