Monday, September 7, 2015

Limited Edition "Just Say Yes - Zoella" Sunglasses

Quite a while ago, I was contacted by Detour and they asked me if I'd like to design my own Limited Edition sunglasses to sell on their site (OF COURSE!). I was so excited to be able to pick everything down to the colours & lens'. I opted for a mint green (I was toying with a baby pink or a mint green, but figured that baby pink rules out the guys that may want to buy some new shades - unless of course they like pink!)

They have "Just Say Yes" on the inside of one arm, and "Zoella" on the inside of the other! The lens' are polarized which is a step up from normal sunglass lens' and something that I wanted to add! They are UV400 protective (from any nasty sun rays) and are of good quality. For more specific details, you can click below to take you to the site.

There are only a SPECIFIC amount of these available to buy and they can be shipped most places in the world. Once they are gone, they are well and truly gone. So grab them now before they disappear! 

I am really proud of my sunnies, and I hope you like them too!
Let me know on twitter or in the comments if you've bought a pair, I'd also love to see you wearing them :) 

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