Friday, September 18, 2015

Under Eye Circles & HG Concealer

I don't know why i'm showing you my eye without concealer.
They are my biggest hate...& if i could change one thing about myself..(besdies my legs) it would be that i had no dark circles.
Unfortunately, it kindof runs in my family, so concealer is the only answer.

When i say i have tried loads of concealers under my eyes, that is somewhat of an understatement...

The one concealer to have ever proved just right, is ...
*Drum roll please*

Gosh Touch Up Concealer in No2

I know i have mentioned this alot in previous posts, and i have had many people asking me questions on it, and emailing me about it, so i thought it was about time i did a proper review on it.

I think what makes this concealer work so well (with my skintone anyway) is the fact it has a salmony undertone...obviously, orange cancels out blue, so the pinky-orange tone of the concealer works very well to disguise the blue under your eyes.
There is one other colour in the same range, which is shade 1, but this does not contain the same i can't say it would perform aswell. I also love the consistency of it, how easy it is to blend and the fact it has NEVER gone cakey, which so many concealers seem to do under my eyes.

I thought i would show you some before and after images to prove how much i love it...
I still can't believe i am showing you all this..haha

I know the last picture looks edited, but i promise i havent touched the brightness or the contrast, i think i was closer to the window..or the sun came out...might have to tilt your laptop screen haha

I love this stuff so much. I just find it covers the perfect amount. If the concealer is alot darker than your skintone, you can always use a touch of light reflecting concealer over the top lightly, i sometimes do this when im feeling particularly pale, or dark eyed.
My favourite under eye combo is this concealer with a touch of Benefit Erase Paste in no 1 on darker areas. I havent demonstrated that in the above photos though.

The concealer retails for around £6-7 & can be bought in Superdrug!

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