Sunday, December 27, 2015

LUSH Boxing Day Sale.

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As some of you may, or may not be aware, a large proportion of Lush stores across the UK & USA hold post Christmas sale's.
Last year, in the UK, the sale was simply "Spend £20, get anything free", so people were walking out with free "Lush Legend" box sets worth £97.
However this year, they have sorted out this steal, & now it's box sets within a certain date/price, or simply pick anything from a massive box full of stuff.
In my local Lush shop, the massive box was full of Xmas box sets, and bags which were stapled so you couldn't see inside, but i think most had a 500g Snow Fairy & various other Xmas items.
In the US, the sales are a lot more exciting (in my opinion anyway), & their deal is simply
"Buy one, get two free" - erm..yes please UK?
(If anyone actually knows why we don't have this promotion in the UK, let me know...I'm intrigued)

I've never been shopping on boxing day, but this year, i had nothing to do, my family were meeting with friends and doing a local pub crawl & my brother went off skiing.
So me & my cousin drove into the city (which at 11.30 i thought would be seriously wasn' was more quiet than an average day).
I went straight to Lush, thinking everything would be gone, but it was surprisingly quiet & lots of choice for the free gift.

This is what i brought home with me...

[3 more Star Melts (yeh, i think im obsessed), 2 So White Bath Ballistics, Medium Olive Branch showergel (my mum threw my other FULL one away because she thought it had gone funny where the two colours dont mix...urgh), Candy Cane Bubble Bar, Mr Butterball Bath Ballistic & Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic]

And i got this Stardust Christmas Box set, worth £24.95 for free :)
(It was actually the one i had in mind for getting so yay)

The box contains:
♥ 100g Snow Fairy Showergel
♥ Fairy Tail Sugar Scrub
♥ Candy Cane Bubble Bar
♥ Star Melt
♥ Snow Fairy Solid Perfume
♥ Angel's Delight Moon Soap
♥ Double Fast Luck Emotibomb
♥ 10% Discount

I'm glad i decided to get out of bed & go to Lush, i managed to get myself an absolute bargain.
I could have kept it & given it as a gift, but..that moon soap was too hard to resist...
If you haven't already been to your nearest Lush & would quite like to grab a bargain, im pretty sure they will still have stuff left...mine did & i think they will for at least a week.

What did you get in the sale & did your Lush have any other promotions?

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