Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Injecting a bit of "Caramel"

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For quite a while now i have been somewhat unsatisfied with my hair colour.
Around 10 months ago i had my hair coloured (only semi permanently) and a few highlights put through the front of my hair...i used to be ALOT more experimental with my hair; dying it darker & highlighting it myself when i was bored of the same old...even cutting it shorter.
I am really happy with the length..could possibly do with some more choppy layers and the ends trimmed but i can do that myself.
The colour?
I have always played it safe and gone darker than my natural shade...in all honesty..my natural hair colour is just bleurgh...it's not a deep dark shade, nor a light golden brown..just kindof ashy & boring.
Ultimately i'd LOVE to have my hair a colour like the images above which have been saved on my computer under the file "Hair" for months & i keep looking at them & trying to muscle up the courage to actually do it.
I was actually flicking through the Jan 2010 Cosmo & the model's hair on page 119 is EXACTLY how i want my hair to be. (if you have that mag to hand)
I know that really you should go darker for the winter & lighter in the summer, but honestly, my complexion is pale enough as it is..if i went any darker i think i'd look ill...i love having highlights because they actually bring warmth to my face...I'd love to look a little more "healthy" through the cold months.
To be honest though, the images above aren't THAT far from my natural colour, i guess it would just be a tinge of blonde-ness.
So yeh...thinking of actually just going on a whim and buying a hair dye tomorrow as an impulse.

Any advice on going lighter by a few shades?
Or even any box's of dye that you think could achieve something similar would be greatly appreciated..i dont fancy going down the bleach route..i can happily bleach my brothers hair..but i dont know if i could do my own haha.

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