Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review: Lush Christmas - Christmas Eve

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This bubble bar (to be crumbled under running water for bubbles galore) smells delish.
It has a perfumey/floral scent to it.
It includes Jasmine & Ylang Ylang so has it's calming properties.
It can either be a very comforting smell, or a very fresh one.
It also turned my water a gorgeous blue colour (this was without the yellow), with a smidgen of the yellow, it went a not so nice green..
When i first used this, i wasn't that blown away by it..but the second time i realised that actually, it has a really nice scent that Lush do not already produce in the bubble bar range, and sniffing away at it now, i've decided that it shares my love with Candy Cane, both very very different however.
This bubble bar also has irredescent glitters which make the bubbles look pretty but does not stick to the skin (unless you were to use a body butter or something including oil)

I really like this bubble bar, and will be buying a few more before the christmas range becomes extinct.

rrp: £2.50

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