Monday, October 26, 2015

Im back with a FOTD

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Remember me?

Thought that seeing as i had my laptop in mums shop today i would take some photos of my ensemble.
Not that you can really see it but i had a sequin long, baggy top, cropped black blazer and jeggings.
My hair was tousled and plaited at the sides & my makeup was just simple.
Please excuse the fact i look like i've had 2 hours of sleep...i cant seem to look awake anymore...even after a good nights sleep.

P.s. Look at the phone i have to answer...yes, its a pink spotty stilleto..

Im going to start getting into the swing of blogging again. I've really missed it but i think i feel more inspired now. Thankyou for being patient..and yay, i gained followers.

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