Monday, October 19, 2015

Paypal FRAUD

//*ads *// I never thought i'd have to write a blogpost like this, and this is where blogging turns sour.
Someone has set up a paypal account under the name This is not me.
If you have been recieveing invoices from this email recently...please DO NOT respond, or pay. Simply report them.

Isn't is sad that somebody has gone to all the trouble of setting up a paypal account, attaching their bank details in order to try and get money from those of you who have genuinly bought something from me, to which the money is in fact owed to me.

If any of you have bought from me in the past, or recently and have had a paypal email from this account, please email me and let me know. Im currently trying to get hold of Paypal to get this person reported.

It honestly makes me sick.

Only ever pay ANY invoice from ZO-ZO-@HOTMAIL.CO.UK - This is my genuine paypal.

If you could spread this post by RT'ing in twitter, or just letting people know i would really appreciate it. Currently tearing my hair out. :) //*ads *// ****

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