Monday, October 26, 2015

Agony Aunt?

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If you're anything like me, sometimes you just want to get stuff off your chest, to someone who won't judge you and will just listen & help in any way they can.
I have always loved helping other people with their problems, be it big or small. I was the one people would come to for a chat, for help or for a shoulder to cry on. My mums best friend is a doctor of psychology and she says that i should be in that field of work, as much as i'd love to, i'm definitely not clever enough. Writing essays was never my forte. However, I have the gift of listening & truely caring about how other people feel and doing the best i can to help in anyway i can. I've always been this way. My mum says i'm too empathetic for my own good.

So i guess the purpose of this post, is just to say that if any of you ever wanted to have a rant, have a moan, get some advice, anything..please feel free to email me. I have had people emailing me with problems before, and i've always wanted to help in some way. I'm no expert, i know that, but even if i just manage a smile out of you, or just listen, then that's something. Making other people happy, makes me happy. Obviously I'm not here to judge anyone, and i definitely won't. Anything you ever email me will be completely confidential & even if i don't know much about the subject in which you want to talk about, i will always try. I cant say i'm extremely wise when it comes to things like relationships, friendships, money, lifestyle etc etc but hey, im here if you wanna chat!

My email is in the sidebar to the left should you ever want to use it :)

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EDIT: I receive an enourmous amount of emails, and since this post, have had an overwhelming response. I will try my hardest to get back to you when I can, if I can. Thanks Lovelies.
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