Monday, July 20, 2015

Beauty Vloggers On A Roof

Yesterday, I ventured into London to meet Louise for a YouTube party/gathering on the roof of the offices. It was a hoot! Being a somewhat anxious person, as you know "venturing into London" isn't the easiest of tasks for me, but I was as cool as a cucumber which as sad as it may be, was a really refreshing thing for me. At the party, we met Fleur (It was her Birthday), Patricia, Shirley, Sammi and Lex (who I didn't get a photo of dammit) but be sure to click all the names to go to their youtube accounts and subscribe if you haven't already. They are all such lovely girls, and it was so nice being able to spend time with them as living in different areas of the UK, that doesn't happen all too often.  As you can see, Louise being ever so creative, came up with the game "How many beauty vloggers can you get on one deck chair". We managed all of us for a VERY short time, before we all collapsed sideways! Before hopping over to the party, we decided to have a little look through Oxford Street Topshop, where we were greeted by two viewers! HELLO TO YOU BOTH! Thank you for coming to say hello :) and also a hello to the girls who we sat with on the train on the way home and shared many a fantastic quiz with. My favourite being the "How do you smell to Edward Cullen" quiz. Yes, that does exist. 

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