Thursday, July 2, 2015

June Favourites.

I know it's the 2nd July, but i never managed to pop this in at the end of June. are my June Favourites.
The selection of items i have been LOVING this month...

Palmers Cocoa Butter - Skin Soothing Lotion
This stuff is amazing. It has Shea butter & Alpha/Beta Hydroxy which removes dead skin cells to reveal healthier looking skin. I LOVE palmers. If any of you aren't familar with the range, i highly suggest you check it out. There lotions are so moisturising & I highly reccomend them. Their gradual tanner is one of my HG procuts. This lotion isnt too thick in consistency & sinks into the skin really quickly, & it really does remove dead skin cells. It smells yummy too.

Bare Escentuals Skin Revver-Upper
I have already done a review on this product, which you can find HERE. I have been using it everyday under my moisturiser & it has made a noticeable difference to the appearance of my skin.

St Moriz Fake Tan
Now, i have only recently had this product but i can safetly say, that it is the easiest, nicest fake tan i have ever used. It dries quickly, it doesn't feel sticky or greasy & more importantly, IT WORKS! You can get this in some tkmaxx's & Home Bargains but i never saw any in my nearest Tk Maxx & i don't have a Home Bargains anywhere near me so the ever so lovely Kelly sent it on over to me. The most amazing thing about this FAB fake the price. It's £2.99. Quite a massive decrease from St Tropez isn't it?
It did leave my bedsheets a little orange, & does have a slight fake tan smell...but it's nothing unbearable like most & the orange-ness didnt stain the sheets & washed straight out so i think for £2.99 its worth it :)

Body Shop Shimmer Cubes
These gorgeous eyeshadows have really impressed me. I was sent the smokey one by the Body Shop to test & review & the other i picked up for 40p at the bootsale.
The colour's are really pigmented and have a great texture. None are crumbly besides a couple which i found to be a little "dusty" (shall we say).
[Full review will be coming soon, along with other BS items]

2True Liquid Liner
I'm not 100% sure of the exact price of this liner, but i know that you can buy 3 products from the 2true range for £5. And honestly..DO IT because this liquid eyeliner, in my amazing. I have been using the Rimmel Exxagerate liner but found that when my eyes watered it smudged like crazy & just wouldn't stay put, which is a shame because i loved the applicator. So i scoured my eyeliners & pulled this one out that i had stashed away. I put it on..(with ease might i add) & it did its job marvellously.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Zoom Length Mascara
I got this small tester size mascara in with some freebies when i bought some EL lipsticks a while ago. I wore this mascara to death through the middle of June & slowly stopped using it as i realised it was SO good, it was actually becoming very hard to remove properly. If you are in desperate need of a mascara that DOES NOT BUDGE, whether you have hayfever, or naturally runny eyes, you need this mascara in your life. I really love it but i just didnt think my eyelashes would cope with me wearing it everyday. The formula is good, the brush is good, it just does everything it says on the tube. The price tag for a full size is pretty hefty at £17.50 but really, i think it's worth it. I'm going to be using this for special occasions because i know it works :)

Mac Lipglass Florabundance
I looove this lipgloss. I love the colour, i love the consistency, the smell. Everything. I think it's overtaken Oyster Girl as my favourite lipglass. :O

Estee Lauder Lipstick in Pink Sand
When purchasing the "vanilla truffle" EL lipstick, the MA suggested that as i liked pinky/nude tones for my lips, i would love "Pink Sand" which i'm sure she said was Gwenyth Paltrow's signature lipstick colour & that she wore it on her wedding day. I have to admit, the packaging doesnt really do it for me, but i love the weight of it. It feels special haha. & the colour is just gorgeous. I prefer it to Mac's Angel. & it has a nice taste/smell too.

BareMinerals Faux Tan
I have done a review of this product HERE.
I don't have much else to say aboout this that i haven't already said, other than the fact this is now my HG bronzer...I LOVE it & i use this everyday now. I feel naked without it.

So those are my June Favourites.
I hope you enjoyed..
If any of you can ever reccommend something to me you think i'd like, Please do. :)
Have a lovely evening all.

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