Monday, July 13, 2015

Re-Ombred Messy Barnet.


H'alreet m'lovers? As you can see from the ever so poserific photos above (I have definitely come to the conclusion I much prefer taking photo's of other people, rather than myself...) that I have re-ombred my locks. My hair had gotten some what boring. The previous blonde ends had dissapeared (I would like to think it faded away, although the reality is that it most probably broke off considering it was bleached within an inch of it's poor life) Although saying this, I have decided to bleach it within an inch of it's life...again. I know, I know, It's very bad for your hair, but I figured "I have quite a lot of it, so therefore it doesn't matter if it goes wrong..." *tumbleweed*. In all honesty, I got bored of my hair. I don't really want to take anything off the length, I'd love to be brave enough to stroll into the hairdressers and ask them to whip up whichever hairstyle they desired or ask for a drastic change, but I hold no such confidence. So the length is here to stay (for now), which left me with colour. I could have gone for something completely different, red, a dark rich brown...I do often contemplate these, but I feel they are more wintery hair shades, so, back with the ombre it was. Some may argue it's a bit "done", and I'd agree, but I likes it.

Ombre Stats:
Bleaching kit used - Jerome Russell Bblonde Highlighting Kit for medium to dark blonde hair
First round of bleaching up to jawbone/chin (thereabouts) - 25 minutes
Second round of bleaching (after removing and drying first round) on very tips of the hair to achieve some sort of gradiant - 20 minutes with foil wrapped round it
Chi Silk Infusion on ends to counteract dryness
Hair left to dry naturally & twisted up into a messy bun and left over night, some parts then neatened the next morning with my straightners.

Face Stats:
Foundation - Mac Studio Sculpt NW20 & set with Bare Escentuals Mineral Powder Medium Beige
Concealer - Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection in Medium & Benefit Erase Paste in No1
Sleek Contour Kit to contour and highlight
Blush - Nars "Deep Throat"
Eyeshadow - Nars "Isolde" duo
Lipstick - Topshop "Infared" (my new favourite lipstick ever.ever.ever - Looks red but it's actually orange)
Mascara - No7 Exsquisite Curl Black/Brown
Misc. Stats:
Nail Polish - Topshop "101"
Black "body" top - New Look
Earrings - Topman Sale £1

Hope you're all having a splendid mid-week evening, and I also hope you enjoyed reading/viewing/spitting up on my blogpost. ;) I am currently nursing a cold in bed, I say nursing, but I'm not, I'm just splayed out in an unladylike manner moaning and trying to breath through two blocked nostrils & eating copious amounts of rubbish food in order to make myself feel better. I managed to kindof cover up my ginormous dark circles and red raw nose, which, I hope you are all greatful for. Makeup really is a wonderful, wonderful thing. It can make you look freshfaced when really you had about 3 hours broken sleep and a nose like a tap. DELICIOUS. I will leave you with this delightful imagery & bid you goodnight.

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