Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I went shopping. Eee.

Good Evening my lovelies.
These are a few of the things i've bought over the past few weeks.

First is a bit of a Lush loot.
There was an offer on, if you spent over £20 you got a free goody bag.
And that is what i got...

I Bought...
♥ Honey I washed the kids soap (mm smells so good. had get a new one as my dad sneakily used up my last one)
♥ Aqua Mirabilis body butter
♥ Amandopondo bubble bar (round & white at the front)
♥ Happy Pill bath ballistic
♥ MA Bar bubble bar (Brown & white - my FAVE)
♥ Blackberry bath ballistic (Blue one)
♥ Avobath ballistic (Green one)
♥ Angels on Bare Skin cleanser

The Freebies...
♥ Skinny Dip Buttercream (smells VILE -Don't think i'll be using this...and they gave me so much)
♥ I Love Juicy shampoo (This smells gorgeous, cant wait to try it out)
♥ The Olive Branch solid perfume (My fave lush scent..i was actually looking to buy this the same day, so im glad i got it free)
♥ Glitter Bug massage bar (I LOVE the smell of this but not loving all the shimmer so much..any way of eliminating it?)
♥ Bathos bubble bar (If you like Parmoviolets then you'll love this..i i dont haha)

The Clothes & Accessories...
I bought this GORGEOUS dress in H&M. I love the shape, the fabric & the colours & i cannot wait to wear it. It would have looked nice at the wedding i went to...oh well.

I loove the detailing, it has hearts & birds :)

Next is a silk scarf from Warehouse which was in the sale. I thought it was super pretty & the colours meant it could be worn with pretty much anything..i also dont think i own enough scarf's.

I then bought a blue belt in Topshop. It's a waist belt with gold tigers on it. I liked this because it was different, the colour was striking & it actually FIT me. I find it incredibly hard to find waist belts that fit as im petite, and i can't wait to put this with an outift.

A close up of the tiger...RAWR!
Also in the Topshop sale i noticed this silky number. It was part of the Barbara Hulanicki range and was reduced from £40 to £15.
It's the top i am wearing in my previous post. (as some of you asked where it was from)
I also love the detailing on this one too. The pattern is of girls faces.
Super cute.

So that's my little collection of new goodies for you.
I also bought some Soap & Glory products yesterday which i will put in a seperate post, so look out for that one if you are interested.

I'm thinking of doing a blogpost on Lush products that i would reccommend and others i would steer clear of...would any of you be interested in reading that?

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