Monday, July 20, 2015

Wedding Photos by Moi.

On Saturday i was photographer for an old friend who got married...He is 7 years older than me...but him & his brother & sisters were my first friends, and were at all my brithday parties. :)
I might try and find a photo of us all when we were little..would be interesting to see how much we've changed.
Anyway...i wasn't originally going to post these but i'm quite proud of them, and thought that those of you who share an interest/passion in photography might like to see them.
It was such a beautiful day, the weather started off so grim but as if by magic, the sun came out as the bride arrived, and stayed out until the evening.
I wasn't an "Offical-i'm-going-to-charge-you-a-bomb" photographer. They just asked if i'd be interested & of course i said yes. I showed them the photos today and they LOVED them.
So, here we go, a few of my favourites...

[Please don't steal these photos, i worked hard to produce them & didn't have time to put my blogstamp on them. I will literally laugh at you if you attempt to :)]

Anyways, thats the photo's..& here's what i wore & my makeup.

[Me & my brother]

Makeup wise i had my usual Bare Escentuals combo with my Triple Fusion MSF..
Sable, Femme Fi & Carbon on the eyes
And on the lips i wore Creme D'nude by Mac (forgot how gorgeous this was)

[Me, Mummy & Bro]

Hope you enjoyed my random post. :)
I'm nearly at 1000 followers, i can hardly believe it.
Love you all.

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