Friday, July 3, 2015

Re-organised/New Makeup Storage.

This was requested a few times since i got my new makeup storage & i guess is a sortof peek at most of my makeup collection (some is still waiting to be stored away..eek)
Yay, i finally feel quite content with how i store my makeup. It's now easy to find things & i don't have to delve down to find certain colours etc. *satisfied*

[To some this may be a stupid amount of makeup..& to others a small collection..but to me it's just right so no judging please.. :)]

Click to enlarge any pics for closer look

This is my makeup desk's where i do my makeup :) It looks kinda higgledy piggledy..but i like it.

The Draws...

Eyeshadows - Incl. Duo's, Quads, Dazzle Dusts..etc etc.


The Silver Chest...
This includes all my foundations, primers, some moisturisers & many fake tans on the left.

D.I.Y Ikea Draws...
For all you observant peeps, you will notice i have covered these drawers in the same wallpaper that is on my wall in the first picture...It took me a flippin age. appreciate it! :)
In the drawer to the left i have mostly miscellanious drugstore lipsticks & in the right mostly Mac but other higher end lippies too.

This drawer houses my many concealers & a few eye creams

Left drawer is Mac shadows (To depot..or not to depot..that is the question?) & on the right is everything else eye related.

On top of the Ikea Drawers...
My brushes which are displayed in a sainsburys pencil holder (if you are wondering why i have randomly plonked black there, i actually have some black in the rest of my room as its cream/black)... & the silver mirrored drawers which house...

Bobbi Pins.. ♥

Small clear/black hair ties (perfect for the hair plait braid..£1 in primark) & your average brown hair tie.

My coloured hair clips :)

So ladies...that is my new storage system in place...& its working fabulously..especially the mirrored drawers as i never really had a system with my hair accessories before. Makes life a little easier & faster & i heart my new silver draws from Tkmaxx. Soo much room & i can see everything! The baskets are just on my other desk which isnt really that interesting as it's just hair/body/face stuff in them. But if you are desperate to see those too i will post the pics up, just didnt think they'd be of much interest. :)

Also, one of my bestie's started up a blog today after i persuaded her..mwaha
So you should go & follow her please, because i know its not nice to start a blog with nobody following you and you feel as if you're talking to yourself haha.
And shes gorgeous & lovely too & i love her

Follow her HERE!

Thankyou lovelies.
Nighty Night

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