Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Once upon a time..

..i had nice skin.

I was 17 in this picture, and was wearing NO makeup whatsoever..and besides some rosey sunburnt cheeks (which i actually like as i never get colour in my cheeks naturally) there are no undereye circles...nada.

It makes me feel sad to think that in 2 years my skin could have gotten so bad...& i don't know how. I haven't changed my diet, the things i put on my face...nothing :(
I have the type of skin that scars when i have spots..and NOTHING will get rid of the scarring.
It's really really dry down the center of my nose...yet oily at sides of my nose & on my chin..& sometimes on earth has this happened within the space of 2 years?

Any advice or products you think i could benefit from...hell..even tablets haha then do say so.
I'm going to keep coming back to this post for inspiration to get my skin back to this.
I have been wearing no makeup for the last 4 days, partly because if i've left the house it's been to go food shopping but also because it might help. Obviously if i was going somewhere where i was seeing people i knew i would put something on but for now my skin is having a breather.
I also think that i was happier back then, & that picture was taken on a camping holiday where id been lying in the sun..& i know sun is bad for you skin but mine benefits it completely.

& i know some of you will be like "Zoe, seriously...there is nothing wrong with your skin",
well my lovelies..i have not posted a FOTD in a while & that is because all of a sudden my skin has errupted into a big pile of i can promise you, i'm not overexaggerating.

Oh to have perfect skin :(

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