Friday, July 10, 2015

Benefit Erase Paste

I purchased this under eye concealer when i spotted it in a House Of Fraser sale about 7 months ago for around £14. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for an under eye concealer which will make me feel better about the dark circles under my eyes (bain of my life). I used it every single day on the inner corners of my eyes and just under my eye (not the whole area) I mostly used it on top of my other favourite under eye concealer (GOSH Touch Up Concealer No. 2) so i wasn't using it generously, just sparingly & in very small amounts.
When i finally ran out of it, i didn't start to panic, but i did notice in photos that no other under eye concealer made me look so awake & refreshed.
When i noticed, i ran to Boots and spent the whole £18.50 on a new jar...i wouldn't ever be able to justify spending so much on any other concealer let me tell you. I do still think it's massively overpriced, but i think Benefit are clever, because they know that people like me become addicted to it's magical light reflecting and dark covering properties and buy it anyway.

The concealer itself comes with a teeny tiny little plastic spatula which can be used to scoop the right amount out of the little jar, although, i only think this is beneficial if you have artificial nails as the jar is quite small and so scooping with long nails becomes quite the task.
I personally just use my finger.
The consistency of the concealer is what makes it so amazing. It's very thick, but very creamy and easy to blend, thus making it easy to get the desired thickness or even when mixed with another concealer. It also means that you only need the tiniest amount..and i mean tiny.
Obviously with creamy concealers there is always the probability of it creasing or smudging off but i find this stays put for such a long time, and can be set with a light finishing powder if you wanted or had oilier skin.

I think i will be buying this concealer until Benefit decide to stop making it, or if the brand ever comes to an end. I love everything about it (besides possibly the over exessive price tag for the amount you get)

What product do you swear by, to an extent where you would pay stupid amounts to have it?

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