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The Body Shop Blogger Event June 2010

Evenin' Ladies, Hope you are all well?

One of the many benefits of being a "beauty blogger" means getting a sneaky peek into the new collections that some brands have to offer. I was lucky enough to be invited to see the new Body Shop editions last week.
On arriving in London I was greeted by the gorgeous Nicola & Caroline & we made our way over to the event.
As usual, the girls had all made a huge effort to make everything look pretty & fab. Cakes piled up, nibbles, champagne & all the products laid out for inspection.

They started the event off by talking about the new Shampoo's, Conditioners & Hair Treatments which will a lot more easy going on the eco system and all the fishes in the sea. I haven't ever really thought about all the chemicals in my shampoo once they have been washed down my plughole, and i think it's great that the Body Shop have thought about that. There will be different categories for different types of hair and i believe they will even be slightly cheaper. I'm looking forward to trying these out.

We were then introduced to the new "Baked to Last" collection, which feautures a bagful of baked, mineralized products. Personally, i love mineralized makeup. I think it's slightly more versatile. You can get some seriously amazing effects and essentially a whole range of different colours in one compact. Chase Ashton demonstrated two different looks using the products on some seriously gorgeous models. The first was a neutral summer time look, where he just used the bronzer lightly on the cheekbones,very subtle golds on the eyelids & a peach lipbalm. The second look was slightly more dramatic on the eyes and a little bit darker on the lips.

Eyeshadows (rrp: £9.50)

The ones I can see myself using/loving...

The ones i can't...

The Blushes (rrp: £12)

The Bronzers (rrp: £14) - These are GORGEOUS.

The Lip Products (unsure of price)

Below is also a picture of Zoe holding up a bowl of lipgloss...this is how much us females will eat in our lifetime..shocking isn't it?

We were then shown a few products from the Vitamin C collection. I wasn't personally expecting a lot from this range as I have previously tried the eye cream and was left pretty dissapointed (no eye cream has ever surprised me though) and i actually got quite excited about the new products in the range. There's a few things i have tried already and love but i will be doing a seperate review on those.

Here's a picture of Me, Caroline & Nicola on the balcony soaking up the sun.

I had an amazing day! So many amazing new products which i can't wait to start using & it was lovely to see all the girls.
After the event, Nicola, Caroline and I, squeezed ourselves onto the tube (So hot and disgusting it doesnt even bare thinking about...) and went to Westfield for a spot of shopping (little haul on that later)
Keep your eyes peeled for reviews on things that are worth blogging about.

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