Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Fake Bling.

My mum came home this evening sporting some new bling.
I am a fan of the occasional tacky bit of jewellery (aren't we all)
and when she showed me these that she picked up in a little boutique-y shop. I wanted them BADLY.

Because at first glance, i actually thought she'd dished out big moolah on some diamond Chanel earrings.
My mum is in no way chavvy.
She is a proper laydeee. haha
But i am obviously aware these earrings may be targeted by a young chavvy girl, to accompany her trackies & trainers.
Tasteful no?

But do you know what...i actually really like them
If you wear them right...why would anyone suspect you're wearing £8 earrings instead of the real thing?

I do think that you should all have a pair of these..and if it means me going out, buying them for you and posting them...then i surely will!
That is an offer too!

Sometimes a fake can be just as satisfying...well..maybe not, but it will definitely suffice.

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