Saturday, August 1, 2015

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin C Facial Radiance Powder

One of the items i was given to try out at the Body Shop event was this Vitamin C Facial Radiance Powder (quite the mouthful isn't it?)
I was excited to try this, as it promises a more even, brighter complexion in just 10 days.
It's very straight forward to use, simply push down the button on the bottle to release the powder into the mixture, screw on the provided top and use morning and night underneath your moisturiser.
It's a 10 day serum as after this time period, the mixture is no longer useable, i did notice mine going slightly orange as the days went on.
The first thing I dissliked about this product was the smell. This is purely a personal preference but very artificial orangey-citrus smells make me feel sick, so applying this twice a day for 10 days really was a struggle. Especially if i wasn't feeling too peachy. *gag*

Did it work?
Hmm...i'd love to be able to tell you i noticed a massive difference in my skin but the reality is i noticed nothing and it broke me out in tiny under the skin spots which made me look all bumpy and hideous. I asked some of the other girls who have also tried out this product to see if it was just a reaction to my skin. Some said the same thing happened to them, and others said they absolutely loved it and it worked a dream. I wasnt aware that my skin was ultra sensitive but maybe it doesn't like higher dosage's of vitamin c.
I stopped using this after the reccommended 10 days and instantly the bumps went away.
Weirdly, my skin looked amazing about a week after i'd stopped using it, whether this was because it had a delayed response to the vitamin c, or because i had stopped using it. haha
Either way, one thing i did love about this product was that my previous blemishes and spot scarring reduced at a much faster rate than they normally would.

My boyfriend also used this (i forced him to be my guinea pig) as there was so much product (more like 20 days worth). He liked the smell, he liked that it made him feel more awake in the mornings as it's quite refreshing but it did nothing to his skin. Although he had no under the skin bumps which goes to show it reacts differently to different people.

Overall, i was pretty dissapointed it did nothing but make me all bumpy, this is obviously just my reaction to it though, as others have had fab results. Im jealous.
Have you tried a powder mix before?

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