Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Grease Is The Word.

If you follow me on twitter or listened to me complaining about my hair at the Body Shop event (haha sorry), then you will know that i have had major issues with it being greasy as soon as i'd washed it.
This did happen on the morning of the Body Shop event, much to my dismay...

It just wouldn't stop being greasy.

I tried...
  • Changing Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Not using any Conditioner
  • Batisting it out...that didnt work. No amount of dry shampoo would lift it.
  • Not using any products before blowdrying
and yes, you guessed it...none of the above worked.

Here are some GLORIOUS photos of my lovely greasy head.
You may vom if needs be.
I know i dont like seeing people with greasy hair haha

These photos were taken literally 2 minutes after blowdrying.
Sorry if the photos were crap...its hard taking a photo of the top of your head.
The greasyness is in the crown and some in the fringe.

My hair has been SO limp, even backcombing didnt achieve any volume.

So ladies..the diagnosis is...
Product Build Up

My mum always used to tell me about product build up, and i'd be like
"yeh yeh, but thats what you shampoo you're hair for"

I seriously would have given up all hope and bought some expensive hair treatment or gone to the hairdressers if it hadn't have been for Arlene (Dressjunkie)
She advised me to get the Boots product build up shampoo & linked me to her REVIEW.
Please read it, its waaay better than mine :)
She had the same problem and voilaa, this little beauty of a product sorted it all out.

It was £2.93 in Boots & looks like this...

I dont often see many hair products that offer to remove build up product, and actually, when i was scouring the shelves for this..i saw nothing that claimed to do the same thing.

I have just done the test & washed my hair twice with the shampoo & nothing else.
No conditioner, no serums or lotions before or after blowdrying.

The results are far better than i expected.
I dont have any grease in my hair, it feels SO soft and sleek. It actually feels as though i've had my hair washed and blowdryed in a salon.

I seriously cannot thank Arlene enough.
and remember girls, don't ever underestimate the "own brands"

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