Thursday, August 27, 2015

100th Post - Awards

Eee, this is my 100th post, so in honour of that. Have some awards...

I was given 2 pretty awards recently.
The first was from the ever so gorgeous, Stef
Please check out her amazing blog. I love it. She has so much amazing makeup and her blogposts are SO informative. She knows all there is to know about Mac, including the finishes and colour combos. She is also so bubbly and friendly.

How cute is that award?
There were no rules around this one. :)

The second award was given to me by the adorable Sarah (haha i still call you Lou though) & also the gorgeous Jennifer & lovely Kate

The rules around this one were to give 10 random facts about me,
Here goes:

1. Ever since I was about 10 i have LOVED Ant & Dec. For those of you who may not know who they are, they are presenters in the UK. I find their slapstick sense of humour hilarious & reckon theyre quite cute. haha I was going to keep this one a secret but i wanted some reasurrance from those of you who secretly love them too...anyone?... :)

2. I suffer from Panick Attacks, It's not a nice fact about me, but i really want them to be made more aware. I still believe nobody i know truley understands them. Even Jack doesnt, which isn't very reasurring. I've had them since i was around 14 years old. I don't know why i get them, or when i'll get them. But i constantly live in fear of them. They haven't been as bad lately, which is promising as im hoping to just grow out of them. :) If you have any further questions about panick attacks or are curious, try google or leave me a comment.

3. I'm the fussiest eater you will ever come across. I stick to the foods i know and love, and i'm very unadventurous when it comes to food. I really want to go travelling but i know i'd starve as i'd hate everything. I really wish i wasn't so fussy, but i am. Some foods i dont like...chinese, indian, garlic, onions, mushrooms, any form of meat from the bone, any type of fish, noodles, peppers, chilli, kidney beans, any form of quiche, sun dried tomatos (ABSOLUTE YUCK) gosh i could go on and on..

4. I get travel nausea. Cannot stand boats, or cars for long journeys. Planes are okay, as long as i can't feel any turbulance. I get queasy on a ferry across a tiny stretch of sea...Jack laughs at me as the boat hardly rocks at all. I'm probabaly just being a complete drama queen and imagining it. haha

5. I am secretly quite a nifty little singer. I don't mean that in a big headed way, im certainly no Beyonce Knowles or Whitney Houston. But, i do not let ANYONE hear me. The only time i will belt my little heart out is if im alone in my house. I think my dad overheard me in my room once and has never shuttup about it. He keeps urging me to sing in front of people or audition for something but i am WAY too shy. I really wish i wasnt, and i could just whip a tune out. aha

6. I'm really sentimental. I keep everything. Not junk, but tickets, photos, small souveniers & i stick it all into a diary i've had since i was 10. I dont write in it daily, but i write important things, or things on my mind, people that are peeing me off, people i love, things i've done, things i've remembered. I have 2 padlocks on this diary as it's SO private. I wouldn't let a soul read it these days. Obviously when i was younger it was just filled with people i fancied and events at school like being asked out for the first time & things boys had said to chat me up. It's so funny reading it back, and the petty arguments me and friends used to have. I'm so glad i've kept this diary, and im hoping i can keep it going for a long time, i still have about half the book left :)

7. I'm tiny. For those of you who havent ever met me...(and if you have i'm pretty sure your first words were "oh my're tiny") then yes, i am small. I'm more "petite" as i'd say im in proportion. My dads fairly small and was a skinny bean pole when he was younger, my mum is tiny and my brother is tiny. We're like the borrowers. haha. Jack is also always holding up my feet and laughing at how small they are..and my longest finger is still smaller than his little finger.

8. I'm a chronic sleep talker. I also used to sleep walk when i was younger but i dont do that anymore thank god. I have mega long conversations to Jack on the phone, and will wake up thinking he never called me, when in fact i just talked to him when i've been sleeping. We've even had arguments before where i have sworn he's never called me, and have to resort to checking my call log, only to find he did in fact ring. Alot of people, My brother, Jack and my Dad included, like to take advantage of the fact i talk utter garbage in my sleep, by purposely asking me ridiculous questions, to get ridiculous answers back. :) Luckily we have no camera footage..yet.

9. I sometimes talk in a little girl voice. It's actually what got Jacks attention in sixth form. Don't ask why, but when me and my friends were being stupid, we'd put on little girl voices, and we'd often forget we were actually in public and that people could hear us. Jack overheard one of our silly conversations, sounding like 4 year old girls, and thought it was cute. haha. I wonder if he'd be with me if he wasnt eavesdropping ;)

10. Funnily enough, i couldnt think of fact number 10, i turned to Jack for some help. And he said that I come out with the worst one liners... I once said that Brazil was in Spain, during a conversation I implied that Tudors had telephones and during a conversation about seagulls asked if they laid eggs. :) I think im lacking slightly in the common sense department. If he can think of anything else, im sure he'll post in the comments below. haha. Those were just a few he remembered. :)

And i tag each and every one of my lovely followers to do this too if you feel like it :)
Thanks so much girlies for awarding me

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