Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hair History.

It has become apparant that alot of you are very interested in my hair & how fast it took to grow and how i keep it in good condition (although i still stand by the fact it isn't..)
I have recieved alot of emails asking me those questions, so i thought i would do a blogpost on my hair history...colours, styles & matter how embarassing ;)

I appologise in advance for the really cringey posey photos. haha. You can pretend you don't have any in your photo collection but I know you'd be lying!

Okay, so, starting from the very beginning...

This is me aged 1. I have quite thin mousey brown hair..and not much of it. :) A few months after this, my hair went very photos of that on my computer though.

Think i was about 2 and a bit in both this photo and the one below. As you can see, i developed some serious frizz and ringlets, and they were blonde. This was the stage in my life where i formed a phobia of having my hair washed or brushed. I absolutely hated it and kicked up such a fuss when my mum told me she was going to brush it. I have a video of that somewhere haha.

Why did my mum dress me like a little boy...

Think i was around 4 here and was about to start school. The ringlets have dropped and my hair is coming through alot darker..but still blonde at the ends. :)

This was on holiday with my brother and cousens when i was 6 or 7. I had a bob cut, and fringe put in. Urgh, looking back i cant believe i liked this hair cut. I had it like this up until about year 6 (10/11) when i decided to let my hair grow longer...and i didnt get it cut for years... *gasp*

This is about the second year of secondary school. My hair is mid-length and still its natural colour, i have a side swept fringe, but before this i did have a center parting...

This photo made me laugh. I dyed it darker, and cut in a proper boxy fringe, it was still kindof long but i had mega choppy layers put in around my face...hmm...who votes that a box fringe does not suit me? *raises hand*After that, when i was 16, i cut off all the stringy long bits of hair and went mega short, with loads and loads of layers...about a week after this photo...i dreaded cutting my hair short and wanted it back to long...although i did love the volume i created by having all the short layers. How damn posey is this photo...cripes. haha

When they layers started growing out...not long after the photo above..i dyed it a weird reddy colour..this is known an my "ginger" phase...imagine how bad it was when the colour started coming out and the sun hit it...yikes.

This was after a holiday, im nice and tanned and my hair had been trimmed a little and the dye had gone..and the sun had brightened it up a bit. The last three photos were all around the same time. Obviously i was feeling incredibly insecure with my shorter hair.

This is my 17th birthday, hair is alot longer, layers are longer and i dyed it a darker brown. I really like my hair dark, but im so pale i dont know if i can pull it off so well. I also got a random blonde streak put through underneath on one can kindof see it. Look how young Jack looks...haha. bless him.

Aged 18/19, and my hair is ALOT longer as well as my fringe. This is my natural hair colour again, besides the blonde streak..which is making its tiny appearance on the right near the bottom. haha I quite liked my long fringe but it was hard work to style and very rarely sat right.

This is earlier this year, i had my hair cut, had it semi-permanently dyed darker and some highlights put through the front.

This was a few weeks ago, hair is MUCH longer, layers are longer and i have trimmed my fringe a fair few times since the photo above. Highlights are still visible but the semi permanent dye has gone and its now my natural hair colour. :) I definitely love my hair the most how it is now.
When it's left to dry naturally though, it does resemble the first few pictures. I get ringlets and waves. :)

Its really weird seeing the photo of me at the top of this post and then the last one..haha that's properly weirded me out.

My advice to any of you trying to grow you're hair is to keep it protected from any this does damage the ends and will give you major split ends, thus major breakage will occur.
& to only get TRIMS. If you go crazy and keep taking too much hair off (unless you want a mega change or your hair is in really bad condition) then it will never grow. I never had my hair cut much in the space of time i had it cut short. I would just trim the ends myself every few months.
Although, if you are really bad at cutting hair, i wouldnt advise you do that haha.

So there you go, if you have any other questions, leave them below :)

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