Thursday, August 6, 2015

New Goodies as OOTD & Hair

Howdy doody my lovelies.
Yesterday, me and Jack decided to brave the ques for the Banksy exhibition in Bristol...
Sadly, we took one look at the 2 & half hour que...and decided to pass. It was WAY too hot yesterday to stand for that long without getting irritable or feeling ill.
We live nearby so we will attempt it another day however.
Instead of going home...we hit the shops.

When i was trying to take pictures of what i bought, it frustrated me as it didnt look right.
So, i figured i would wear the new clothes for you :)

[Dont forget to click to enlarge if you want a better look]

Top: Topshop
Floral Leggings: H&M only £12.99! I am stressing this as these leggings are seriously amazing quality. Theyre thick, comfy, warm and stretchy. I love topshop leggings, but compared to these they make topshops look shoddy. I highly reccommend you check out the leggings in H&M at the moment. Quite possibly my favourite leggings ever.
& i SO love the floral. Thought it would be too loud, but i am loving them.

My hair for the day.
Now, believe me when i say, i do not know how this turned out in such a beautiful mess. It started off as my hair in the photo's below. Sleek and straight. I then took a trip outside in the wind and torrential rain...and it went all curly and kindof frizzy. So i decided to pin it up in random places..put a few little flower grips in there, and there you have it.
I love this.
I wish i knew how i did it so i can do it again. haha.
Im reckoning i can just do the same and throw a load of bobbi pins in it.

White long tee - H&M basic range
Floral Cardi - Topshop
I really love this cardigan, its so delicate and pretty.
I don't own anything like this so its going to look special with all the plain and boring cardigans in my wardrobe.
Im sorry about the dog picture.
Jack was taking photos of me and told me to kiss a toy i you do. :)

Strolling through Urban Outfitters (which i really wish wasn't so expensive *sigh*), I noticed some polishes. They had some really fab colours. Pastels and brights.
I picked up some fairly girly/neutral shades.
Sadly they don't have names, i really wish they did.

And lastly, along with the other bits i bought in H&M, i also picked up this belt which was an absolute bargain.
Its a leopard waist belt with large-ish gold buckle.
It was £3 from £19.99
and it fits me...yaay!

I am seriously rating H&M at the moment. I go through phases where i despise it, then love it.
Hope you liked my new way of displaying my new pruchases.
Beats a hanger i think.

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