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An Interview with Lauren at Lauren's Dressing Room

Hello Lovelies. I recently did an msn interview with the gorgeous Lauren over at Laurens Dressing Room. I think it's a fab idea & she will be doing plenty more with other bloggers which i personally cannot wait to read.

Below is the interview as it appears on her blog, ENJOY!

After following big blogging names on YouTube and Blogspot, Zoe felt inspired and decided to start up her own blog herself ‘Zoella’. And what an inspiration she has become to us all! Becoming famous in the blogging world and bagging herself nearly a whopping 4000 followers! She’s popular for her amazing hair, great fashion sense and just for being down-right gorgeous! You’ll see for yourself that Zoe can also be rather hilarious!
I introduce to you all the stunning UK blogger, Zoe!


Lauren: Hey Zoe! Thank you for taking part in this interview as part of Lauren's Dressing Room. How are you on this lovely summer evening?

Zoe: Hello Lovely Lauren, I'm fabby thank you, currently tucking into my poor mans Ben & Jerry’s!

Lauren: Ooh sounds lovely, what flavour have you gone for?

Zoe: Um... It's all in a foreign language. Think it's called forest fruits?

Lauren: We'll pretend it's Ben & Jerry's - Jamaican Me Crazy! Haha! So, are you ready to get cracking?

Zoe: Yes, I'm slightly nervous! Why is this?

Don't be nervous! Sit, back, relax and I'll fire the questions!

Zoe: Awesome, go for it!


Lauren: You’ve proven to be really popular in the blogging community, what first brought you into blogging?

Zoe: I first started blogging almost 18 months ago now. Woah, time flies! I had been following many beauty gurus on YouTube; such as panacea81 and Lollipop26. It was actually Laura’s blog which I discovered and saved as a bookmark on my internet browser and checked it every few days. I had been quite eager to have my own little space on the interwebz for beauty chat and fashion musings but I was far too shy for YouTube so I decided to set up my own little blog, not really knowing what I was going to start writing about first or how many followers I would get.

Lauren: It must have been quite a shocker for you to see yourself rack up over an amazing 3000 followers - Almost 4000 by the looks of things now. Did you ever dream you'd be this popular in the blogging industry?

Zoe: No blummin way! I still don't really understand how I have so many people interested in what I post about or what I have to say. I guess to me, it still just feels like a place where I can write about whatever it is I want - when I want (Like my own online beauty scrap book!) It’s amazing that so many people like to take a little peek into my thoughts and escapades, or even what outfit I wore on a Monday. I find it very exciting when I see such a positive response and I'm very grateful for all the lovely people that enjoy what I do *wipes tear*.

Lauren: Your readers find you very inspiring! Which leads me on to ask; what is the most random request/question you have ever received from a follower?

Zoe: Haha, this was quite an odd one! I once had an email from someone asking me to film myself putting on tights or stockings, to show "how to do it properly without snagging" Hmm, pervert much?

Lauren: Oh my! That is random! Hahaha! Before we move on from blogging, I must ask; what can we look forward to seeing more of on 'Zoella’?

Zoe: Well since I have been a pretty awful blogger recently (Ahem, bloggers holiday). I have a few things on my list of blog posts to do. Mainly some reviews of things I have been using a lot, new loves, old loves, more outfits and a little tour of my bedroom (I think this is my most requested blog post ever) and obviously just a lot more of what I already do.

Lauren: Room Tours are really popular at the moment. You should do a video room tour!

Zoe: Well, this was in the pipeline when I had my own YouTube channel. But, since I got all shy and decided YouTube was too scary, I thought I'd stick to photos.


Lauren: Let's move onto what all us beauty bloggers love 'Make-up and Fashion!' What is your favourite make-up brand?

Zoe: It has to be MAC (shock horror)! They have fab variety of eye shadows, great foundations, fab lipsticks and exciting new collections which always wipe out my bank balance. Although I do hate that they bumped up their prices. NARS comes a close second as I do think they are amazing quality, but just that little bit too expensive. I usually wait until I have a bit of spare money and "treat" myself to NARS.

Lauren: Do you have any make-up tips that you'd like to share with everybody?

Zoe: I don't think I really do. The only thing that I always like to emphasise is how important moisturiser is, as I suffer from dry skin sometimes, and it makes SUCH a huge difference. Also, drinking water makes a difference (always remember that beauty shines from the inside as well as the outside) so drink lots, smile lots and laugh lots, and always set your concealer.

Lauren: I agree very much so. So, remember kids; water, water and yes, more water! Do you have any make-up pet peeves?

Zoe: YES! I have quite a few. The worst one is face matching the neck syndrome, whether you've gone a bit ‘oompa loopma’ on the face or if you look as white as a ghost, I just don’t understand how some people can get it SO wrong. Horrible thin/thick eyebrows which have been drawn on (thin sharpie or thick proper hardcore sharpie haha), Massive fake eyelashes in the form of feathers or something similar. Blue eyeshadow! I think some people can pull it off, but I very rarely see it and think "oh wow" I usually just think "this girl needs some makeup remover, pass her a baby wipe NOW" haha!

Lauren: All sounds very Jodie Marsh-esque, if I do say so myself! Haha. But, I agree whole heartedly with you. Let's move onto Fashion. Who is your favourite fashion designer and why?

Zoe: Oh man, this question is so hard. Alexander McQueen was one of my favourite designers, I think he was very clever & had some fabulous pieces. I also really like John Galliano, his catwalk shows are always AMAZING! It's more like art rather than fashion.

Lauren: I do believe that fashion is a form of art and it shows a lot about somebody’s personality by the way they dress. We all love your Outfit posts as you're quite the style icon! What is your most worn item in your wardrobe?

Zoe: It totally is, and I’m a creative person through and through. Oohh, my most worn item, probably my All Saints dress. It's just a bit different, and you can either dress it up with ankle boots for a night out, or just wear it casually with leggings and plimsoles for the daytime. I loves it!

Lauren: What fashion is really popular, but your refuse to be part of?

Zoe: Hmm, I don't really know if it's a "Fashion Trend" but UGG boots, to me, are created by satan! They are VILE. They are ugly & clumpy and remind me of Tweenie feet. No matter how popular they become during the winter or however comfy people say they are, I refuse to ever pay £100 + for a pair of boots that will make me look like a children’s TV character! Hahaha!

Lauren: Hahahahahahaha! Ooh that one made me chuckle!! So, we now understand your hatred towards UGG boots. We best move on swiftly! Let’s focus on the hair! Your hair always has so much volume, what are your secrets?

Zoe: Always use mousse at the roots, and I actually find that the cheapo ones are JUST as good as the more expensive ones. Don't apply too much but just enough. Use a barrel brush when blow drying and pull the hair up and away as you blow dry. Then straighten or curl at a lower temperature so you aren’t pulling the hair too much (as this will instantly make it go flat - I always use 150 degrees on my straightners) THEN, if you still need more oomph, backcomb (very naughty and damaging to the hair if you do it too much, so keep it for special occasions only) and use a good hairspray and you should be ready to go! I also find that if you use any clarifying shampoo regularly, and product build up you may have which could be weighing the hair down or flattening it will va-moosh!


Lauren: Those are fab tips for everybody Zoe! Thanks! When you’re not blogging, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Zoe: When I'm not blogging I'm working 5 days of the week, then spending time with the fella and my friends. Oh and shopping of course!

Lauren: Shopping, of course! We like your style missy. What do you do for a living?

Zoe: My actual role is "Communications Assistant Digital Photo Librarian", but I end up doing lots of different things; helping others with their jobs, driving people about. Random! I also work in my mums dress agency.

Lauren: And could you tell us a little more about this lucky 'fella' in your life?

Zoe: He is called Wilf & I met him at work. I thought he was a right fitty, didn’t think I stood any chance but here we are! J He makes me very happy and I’m a very lucky lady. I do wish he would lay off my teeth whitening, straighteners & expensive shampoo though. Haha. He is an Illustrator so if anyone else is interested you can have a look at his work on (little shameless plug there)

Lauren: Awww, you both sound really loved up! Up until the present, what has been the most exciting experience of your life?

Zoe: Oh gosh, that's a hard one. I've done a few things which were exciting. I went to the Maldives a while back, and it was amazing - The most stunning place I’ve ever seen. It was gorgeous. I've also been an extra in two Harry Potter Movies which was quite exciting. I've probably done something else too but I’m having a mind blank!

Oh wow! A Harry Potter movie extra! That is amazing! Do we have any Harry Potter addicts in the house? What did you have to do for it?

Zoe: In the first one I had to sit in Snapes potion class, and in the second I had to go on the Hogwarts Express. You can't see me though which is a shame, but it was fantabulous, and we got to mingle with the actors the first time round. The second time round though, it was a whole different kettle of fish, they were way too famous! Snobs!! Haha!

I haven't seen any of the films or read any of the books, I must have been living under a rock. But, it's on my to-do list. Everybody raves about how great it is and I feel left out - so I must watch them all! In 5 years time where do you see yourself?

Zoe: It's okay, Harry Potter is totally overrated! In 5 Years time? Gosh, I don't know. I'd love to be doing something really creative, but I’m one of those people who just cant decide on one thing that I know I definitely want to do. I've always been so indecisive, and its very frustrating, but I know I'll find something I love as I’m a total perfectionist.

Lauren: Well, it's been absolutely fandabbydoozey getting to know the girl behind the blog. But now, my dear.. I have totally random, crazy and some that might not even make any sense questions for you. Is Zoe ready?

Zoe: Coolness. Oh yes, I’m so ready!


Lauren: Muhahaha! (That was an evil laugh by the way). OK here goes: Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Zoe: Dame Judy Dench. Although, I did see Sienna Miller the other day, I walked past her in total ore? oar?

Lauren: ‘Awe’ HAHAHA!

Zoe: Oh, and I guess Daniel Radcliffe and co are pretty famous as well!

Lauren: Do you have any phobias?

Zoe: Yesss! I don’t like spiders AT ALL, even the thought of them freaks me out.

Lauren: If you could have any super power, what would it be any why?

Zoe: I wish that I could hear what people thought, but only if I wanted to. That way you could tell what people really thought. One of my biggest hates is liars, so I could diminish them from my life. Haha! Actually, that’s a bit depressing isn’t it? Maybe just that I could fly, Hmm, actually... maybe that I could just click my fingers and go anywhere - Not a massive fan of flying.

Lauren: Hey, you're only allowed one super power lady! Or should I say little miss greedy (hogging all the super powers!)

Zoe: Haha, it’s just so hard to choose one!!

Lauren: What is your all time favourite movie?

Zoe: Moulin Rouge.

Lauren: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Zoe: The Chicken? No, the egg, no, the chicken..

Lauren: What is your most embarrassing moment?

Zoe: I’ve had a fair few embarrassing moments, fallen head first into a bin, tripped up (I’m generally very clumsy) fallen down stairs, flashed certain things which should never be on display. But there is one thing which does stick in my mind which is a dvd that me & my friend made when we were about 13 which is just completely stupid and weird & we found it hilarious at the time, and it was played not too long ago to all my other friends and my boyfriend at the time and I just remember them all finding it hilarious and my ex boyfriend just sat with a face of complete confusion & disgust. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. The DVD stays locked away, and no other boyfriend will ever see it. My dad thinks it would be a Youtube Phenomenon & says he will be playing it at my wedding but I just think it’s extremely embarrassing.

Lauren: And finally... are you ready for the finale question??? Can I have a drum roll please?

Zoe: *bangs on keyboard*

Lauren: Snog, Marry, Avoid.. Cartoon Characters edition (if they were real of course!) Here’s the line up: Fred from Scooby Doo, Homer Simpson and Yogi Bear.

Zoe: Hahaha! Well, I think I'd avoid Homer Simpson, snog Fred and marry Yogi! C'mon, marrying a bear would be amazing! So cuddly!!

Lauren: That's brilliant! Well, I would just like to say Thank you so much for taking part in this interview. It’s been an absolute pleasure my dear! I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself?

Zoe: I totally have! It’s been so much fun!

Lauren: I hope all you lovely readers have enjoyed my interview with the gorgeous Zoe and if you'd like to see more of her, you can go and check her blog out over at:

Please check out Laurens amazing blog, it's up there with my favourite ones. She has some seriously envious outfit of the days and i find her style very inspiring. She's also one of the loveliest girls ever, so sweet and friendly.

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