Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Carbooty Booty.

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So, like most sundays, i was up bright & early with my mum & off we went to the bootsale.
It's quite nice spending some time with my mum, & theres always something stupid to laugh a man that only has 24p in change, wanting to buy a stupid china ornament that the lady wanted 30p for, & throwing the money into her hand saying
"Alls i gots is 24 pence change..lemme have it furr thaa"
haha, who goes to a bootsale, with 24p...only to find their dream china ornament is 30p
A huge golden labrador sitting on the roof of a van..& mum turns to me and says "My gosh..look at the dog sat up there all well behaved", and me saying "Mum..that's stuffed". Her reply is then "No it's's moving", and i then say "No mum..thats just the fur blowing in the wind".
Yes...people sell stuffed dogs at weird is that?

Anyway...onto what i picked up. Not a massive amount of makeup this time..or a massive amount of anything really but i shall share anyway as i know some of you love my bootsale bargains.

Body Shop Shimmer Cubes
Yay... These were brand new and unopened. In the body shop i think they are £14 something.
I really, really like these.. The colours are gorgeous & alot like the Mac Spiced Choc quad but without any matte colours. So, if you are sad you missed that. I would pick this up as it has some pretty similar colours in it.
Super happy with that bargain!
I will be doing a full review of the shimmer cubes soon. So look out for that!

Lush Bath Ballistics & 1 Bubble Bar
70p & 80p

I do sometimes see Lush stuff at carboots..but i always go straight to the label for the expiry, and most of the will have expired. So i don't buy it. But Bath Ballistics last for ages. Theres not really a time limit on these babies.
Yes they may become slightly discoloured but wont grow mould and turn your skin manky.
I think some of these are all holiday items.
I don't know the names but i think 1 is called christmas party... :) & actually i think the bluey one is called Sakura (permanent) but it's lost alot of it's colour.
Enlighten me if you know! :D
I did actually use the one out of the bag the other night..& i can't say i loved it all.
It smelt like the dentist & was full of chunky glitter. I can't ever imagine a scenario where i'd want to bathe in either of those. It wasnt a pleasant experience.
Oh well!

Dead Sea Bath Salts
I have dry skin..and i have never used dead sea products..i'm stupid right? It's meant to be really good for dead skin cells & completely renewing the skin & relaxing muscles.
Sounds good! I'm going to use these tonight. It looks too cute to open though!

I also bought 3 HUGE bags of mini eggs for 50p each. The lady was selling loads of easter chocolate. I'm guessing she took them from Woolworths before it closed down?...or is a right fatty!
That's about all for my carbooty booty.
Get to a carboot on sunday ladies!

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