Saturday, June 27, 2015

Topshop Makeup | Lipstick Crayons/Pencils

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Topshop Lipstick Crayons £7*

Next up in the Topshop Makeup "series", is the Lipstick Crayons/Pencils or however else you'd like to name them. I don't see these talked about as much as the actual lipsticks, and I guess that could be because lipsticks are more likely to be favoured over them. Unlike the lipsticks in the Topshop makeup range, these offer a matte finish. I enjoy applying these, as the longer, slimmer packaging allows you to get more precision, almost like you are colouring in your lips with a chubby pencil. They are long lasting and have great pigmentation. If you prefer to wear matte colours on your lips as opposed to something a little more moisturising or frosty, these will be perfect for you. I don't often opt for a matte lip as I much prefer something a little more moisturising on my lips as they are quite dry but sometimes matte lips can look much more effective, and tend to last a lot longer. Although they are matte, they are still very creamy and go on like a dream. Let's also not forget the cute packaging! I absolutely love Topshop packaging, and these are so nifty just to throw in your handbag/clutch and be on your way. 

The only thing about these that I don't like, is that you have to sharpen them in order to get more product once it's worn down. Although i'm sure it's not a major fault for most of you, it's just one less thing you really want to do when you could just grab a lipstick and twist it up, no hassle. It certainly won't stop me using them, as I love to pop a little bit of lipgloss on top to give them a much shinier finish, and be on my way. I'm a particular fan of the orange one (Hedonist) but then does that really surprise you? ;)

Do you own any of these? What do you think of lip crayons in general?

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