Monday, June 29, 2015

Makeup Storage, Tk Maxx & Bootsale.

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When it comes to makeup storage i find it SO hard to find anywhere that has something suitable. I don't know if thats because im too fussy..
I always look in stationary shops & just never have any success.
At the end of the day, if it's your bedroom, you want it to look gorgeous :)

I accompanied my mum shopping today.
We went to TkMaxx (TJmaxx in america i think)
& the selection of storage is massive compared with anything i've seen before. They have SO many different styles , sizes & colours at the moment. I was actually torn between a few different things but i do not have the money to go all out and buy everything (even though i happily would have)
So i settled for this gorgeous set of silver draws.

The different drawers...I am SO pleased i found this. It's perfect, it even has the different compartments.
Before i went into Tkmaxx, i went into the pound shop to buy some latex gloves for self tanning...can you believe they sell them as a 25 pack? 25? we have 2 hands...Surely an even number would make more sense?
I found these little plastic drawers for £1, i don't think they are very pretty but they are very practical & inexpensive, & thinking i wouldnt find anything else, i picked up the last 2 they had.
So if you are on a bit of a budget, or are not too fussed with what your storage looks like i highly reccommend scouring the poundshop. :)

Also, in Tkmaxx they had these gorgeous little baskets. I wanted something like this to put all my body lotions/hairsprays/hair serums in.
They have SOO many different designs & sizes of these. Lots of cute floral ones for you Cath Kidston fans (even though these arent the real deal) & at £2.99 & £4.99 you can't go wrong.
Now onto my Sunday Bootsale finds...

It wasn't an overly successful trip, no makeup, no bath/body items. But some cute jewellery.

This necklace was 50p. It has a garden gnome, a fork & a little boot on it...SO cute, i love it.
This is how it hangs. Quite low, and don't panick..i know it looks silly with my outfit, but i was just modelling the length for you because im nice like that :)

This one was also 50p.
I got this because it's just damn cute.
Sorry for the boobylicious shot..but this is how it hangs. This one is quite alot shorter. I love it.
Then, i saw this book. & yes, i saw it & picked it up because it had my name on it, and then on further inspection i notice that it is infact all about everything i love & its such a fab book. There are so many tips & tricks that i'm thinking i will share with you all.
This was £1.
And before i end this post. I will share with you a pair of sunnies i also picked up in Tkmaxx (seriously sunnies are amazing)
These are Vivienne Westwood (one of my favourite designers) & i fell in love with them.
But do you know what made me love them even more?
they were £19.99!
I am usually SO fussy with sunglasses. If you havent noticed already, i am petite..which means that i find watches to be a mission (as my wrists are tiny) & i also find it hard to get shades to fit my head! haha I actually really like the shape of these & they feel so unbelievably comfy..maybe because i am used to cheap £2 ones from Primark.
I havent ever owned a decent pair. So these will be my special ones. haha
My mum also picked up some amazing roberto cavalli ones.

Have a goofy picture...
What do you use for storing your makeup & where do you buy it?
Hope you're having a lovely evening ladies. How blummin amazing was the weather today? 30 degrees! Loving it but feeling a tad sticky.

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